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Itinerary Fall 2024


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I thought that, just for the fun of it, I would post our finalized itinerary here:

Sept. 17: Drive to Atlanta and Fly ATL to MXP

Sept. 18: 4 nights Iseo: https://tinyurl.com/2kyawdwf

Sept. 22: 3 nights Belluno: https://tinyurl.com/3jc9eme6

Sept. 25: 3 weeks Venice https://www.vrbo.com/6612399ha?preferlocale=true&vgdc=HAUS

October 16: 2 nights Piacenza https://tinyurl.com/34vhfpfh

October 18: 4 nights Badalucco: https://www.agriturismoladagio.it/en/

Oct. 22: 1 night near airport https://osteriadellapista.com/hotel/

Oct 23: fly easyjet MXP to Prague

Oct 23: 1 week Prague: https://tinyurl.com/2amkrnce

October 30: fly Prague to ATL and to Tallahassee (separate ticket)

Comments welcome!
Oh, what fun! Venice and Prague. I know you've pretty much become residents of Venice. Have you been to Prague before?
Yes, twice: 2007 and 2018. In 2007, we took a side trip for a few days to the village in which my wife's grandparents were married. Almost no one spoke English, and many were still suspicious of westerners. However, the guest house where we stayed offered a huge bedroom and breakfast for $38 a night. In 2018, we took a side trip to Plzen for a few days. Both times we were in Prague for about a week. We loved it. Very cosmopolitan. English spoken by most folks. Excellent tram system. If you visit places such as the Municipal House or the Mucha Museum you'll see why it's often called "Paris of the East." History and beautiful architecture abound. The Jewish Quarter (Kafka's birthplace) is both beautiful and heart-rending.
Looks great, Jan. We enjoyed our stay on Lago d'Iseo and actually just returned to Sulzano for Sunday dinner last month. Belluno was stunning though I was not crazy about the local cuisine. We really enjoyed the wrought iron museum in Feltre. We have stayed twice on the Riviera Ponente...Bordighera is particularly nice and the olive oil museum in Imperia was very interesting.

I will be interested in your take on Piacenza...we didn't get to do much there because we got covid.

Buon viaggio.

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