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Keep checking.......!


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Keep checking any upcoming flights that you have.
I've been checking mine with KLM for Italy in September, and yesterday saw on the website that my first of two flights home was cancelled.
No email notification from them till hours later.
They changed me from a two hour transfer time at AMS to 25 minutes!
I finally got hold of a KLM agent on the phone...she was in Chile.....and after being persistent and polite, but determined, got it all changed to the original flights, but leaving a day later.
I will stay in Italy one more night....what a hardship. ;)
I could have kept what they gave me, missed the second flight, found a hotel and claimed back expenses from KLM, then perhaps been stuck in Amsterdam for a couple more days waiting for a flight, then had to get into AMS from the outside rather than transiting, and perhaps been given the last horrible seat on whatever plane they finally put me on.
So, I'm paying my own hotel in Italy instead, as it just seemed more sensible, and less stressful!
I've been checking about once a week, but will up that to every four or five days now.


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So, I'm paying my own hotel in Italy instead, as it just seemed more sensible, and less stressful!
Indeed it does, wise move. Better not to count on regular airline procedures in the near future.

What is interesting is that all reports seem to give the same evaluation : these problems will continue well into 2023. All parties in the airline industry seem to be jockeying to leverage the situation to each one's advantage.

We are considering a short March trip to Torino, and I have been looking at various flight options. While in past times I'd be ready to consider a night arrival, this time I will take no chances, and book a flight that doesn't land later than 16:00. Prices even for March are still a bit higher than what they were pre-pandemic.
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