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Lakes in November?


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I'm looking for somewhere peaceful and relaxing (but not boring) to spend 2-3 nights in November. Ideally without a car. I'm not a major hiker, but love a walk in a natural setting. Good, friendly local bars and restaurants where its ok to be solo also a wishlist item. Or is that time of year too cold and quiet? If not, is Varenna is the place to stay? If so, other location suggestions?
- Nicole

Matt D

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Nicole - Sorry you haven't received a reply. The northern lakes are spread over a very wide area and you didn't state where you were coming from. IMO the easiest to access without a car is probably the south end of Garda. The main train line Milan/Venice runs right by it. You might enjoy Sirmione in November. There are hot springs there. You can take the ferry to other lake towns as well.


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The Lakes would not be at their best in November. That region gets considerable rain, especially in the fall. We travel to Italy frequently, always in off season to avoid crowds and the heat. This past April we spent a week in Bellagio. Even though the scenery and town are beautiful I was a little disappointed. The flowers were not yet in bloom and gardens and flowers are part of the beauty of this region. We had several overcast days and it started to feel a little dreary. On the plus side it was not necessary to make restaurant reservations and there was plenty of parking everywhere, even in town. Having enjoyed many parts of Italy in the off season I feel the Lakes are best enjoyed in season. Just my opinion.


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Is it safe to assume that mid October is not much better?

We are trying to decide on where to spend the last three nights of our next trip, just after a stay in Neive. We fly out of Malpensa late morning and prefer not to be too far from the airport (just like another recent poster).


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I have not been to the Lakes region in the fall but if you look at the historical temperature and rainfall charts you can get an idea. I live in Connecticut and in April the "progress" of spring tree bloom etc seemed much like home. I assume fall would be much like southern New England, only rainier.
Look at Bergamo Alto. We really liked that town. Also we liked the historic center of Como. If you have good weather you can easily visit the lake villages from these towns.


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