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Local bus between Piazza Armerina and Roman Villa of Casale


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Many tourists ask about the existence of a local bus shuttle between Piazza Armerina and the Roman Villa at Casale. There is indeed a local bus. It departs from Piazza Generale Cascino, directly in front of the tourist information office, which posts the schedule on the front door. The shuttle runs from April 1 through October 30 at 9:00, 11:35, 12.45, 14.30, 15:50 and 17:05. The trip takes about 20 minutes and the bus drops you near the path which leads to the ticket office (approx. 250 meters). Return buses from the Villa depart at 11:00, 12:10, 13:20, 15:10, 16:30 and 19:00. Fare is 1.50 Euros one-way and 2.50 Euros round-trip. The drives accepts cash or credit/debit cards. The operator is SA.DA. tours www.sadatours.com; e-mail sadatourssrl@virgilio.it; telephone 3664448128. Contact the operator for winter schedules (if any).


Many visitors to the Roman Villa will be arriving from Catania/Catania Airport. Direct buses from Catania to the Villa are few and far between, so you will likely be changing buses in Piazza Armerina.

Here are instructions for how to CONNECT between the bus arriving from Catania/Catania Airport and the local shuttle bus between Piazza Armerina and the Villa:

1. Get off the SAIS autolinee bus coming from Catania/Catania Airport at the bus stop in Piazza Senatore Marescalchi (formerly Piazza Stazione, where the old train station building has been transformed into a very nice bed & breakfast (named "La Stazione"), useful to spend the night (located across the square from the bus stop). The bus stop is identified on Google Maps as "Fermata SAIS autolinee." SAIS bus tickets are sold at the ice cream kiosk next to the bus stop, and at the Esso gasoline station nearby.

2. Walk 550 meters southbound along Via Generale Muscara' toward Piazza Generale Cascino. Locate the tourist information office on the right side of Piazza Cascino. The shuttle bus schedules for the Villa are posted on the front door of the tourist office. The bus operates April 1 through October 30. Bus tickets are sold by the driver.


Not recommended. Consider that the distance is 12.2 kilometers and 150+ minutes round-trip from Piazza Generale Cascino (terminus of the seasonal local shuttle bus). From Piazza Marescalchi (bus stop of SAIS Autolinee bus to/from Catania), add 1 kilometer round-trip. The return walk back to Piazza Armerina involves an elevation gain of around 150 meters. It takes about two hours to visit the Villa at a very leisurely pace. There are private taxi services to and from the Villa which could be used when the shuttle bus does not operate during the winter. The road between Piazza Armerina and the Roman Villa is one lane in each direction. At some points the lane is narrow, and there is no shoulder. The area gets some light snow during the winter. Expect needing to dodge traffic, especially tour buses. You can see most of the road on Google Maps. My recommendation is to either rent a car or take a local taxi from Piazza Armerina, when the local shuttle bus is not operating.


There is a large open-air parking area. Adjacent is a large open square with souvenir vendors and food/beverage vendors. At the far end of this square is the bus stop, leading to the path to the ticket office. Next to the ticket office is a large structure housing a cafeteria and cafe which also sells souvenirs, guide books and ice cream. Audio guides are also rented here. There are rest room facilities inside.
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Reference to the SAIS Autolinee bus from Catania Airport to Piazza Armerina is INCORRECT and should instead read ETNA Trasporti bus.

SAIS Autolinee runs between Piazza Armerina and Palermo, NOT Catania Airport.

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