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Help Needed Looking for things to do in Bordeaux


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A friend suggested Slow Europe would be a great site for information about travel in France. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary by going to some new places in France. We will be in Bordeaux on Sunday, June 30 and Monday, July 1, 2019. We will then be in Eugenie-les-bains on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 and 3. I tried to book a cooking class in a hotel on June 30 online, but somehow it didn't work out. Now I am concerned about finding other things to do in the area. Are there in-home dinners in Bordeaux? Other classes? (The school was not helpful. )
We will be with two other couples, so will take up space for 6!

Karen Frerichs

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Here is an article from yesterday's New York Times...

lots of info... have fun!


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You may be interested in reading this report on another forum.

I was interested to see you are going to Sainte Eugenie les Bains. We have not been there, but did watch an episode of Les Carnets de Julie on youtube which was centred in that area. I do not know if you have ever watched these. She travels to different areas in France and explores the food of the region. They are in French, but we still enjoy them. We take note of the villages she visits and look them up on the map. This episode was the Pays de Tursan. I think she spoke to Michel Guerard who has a Michelin restaurant in the area.

Bon voyage.


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