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Manorala hill to B&B

Several years ago we stayed at the top of the hill next to the church. It was quite a climb (especially with luggage), and afterwards we found there was a van that would have given us a ride to the top! We are returning, and are more concerned about the hike (we're a bit older now). Does anyone know if there is any transportation to the top, or if the van still runs periodically?
Thanks!!! Mke
Appreciate the reply, however I do not believe that the bus service actually goes to the top. Looking for a way to get to the hostel at the top, without climbing the hill.
Thanks again,
OKAY!! I'm mistaken. Found this bus route which does appear to enter Manarola at the top!! And the schedule appears to show it runs about every 45 minutes. However it is from Rio Maggiore, and we will be arriving by train to la Spezia.


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