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Need apartment in Venice


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As I explained in another thread, the apartment we had rented for 3 weeks in Venice is no longer available, and the replacement the owner offered isn't acceptable. Our dates are 16 April through 11 May (including 4 nights in Ferrara), so if anyone has any ideas, I'm open. We've always stayed in Dorsoduro, and I'd like to stay in Cannaregio this time, but at this point I can't be picky! I've emailed Filippo, the owner of Views on Venice, and I hope he has something within our price range. The problem of course is availability of the places I'd like this close to our travel dates.
Yikes, this would stress me out big time! I know Views on Venice is highly rated and I have some friends who swear by Truly Venice. There really are some advantages to dealing with an agency, although I never have, it does give me some food for thought. I hope it all works out and that you end up in some place fabulous!
Ann, I'm also very sorry that this has happened to you so close to your departure date! For what it's worth, I have rented my Venice apartment through http://www.veniceapartmentsitaly.com. While I have not yet stayed in the San Polo apartment (I go in Oct), I will say that the correspondence I've had with Eugenia has been top-notch. I feel as if I've made a friend.:) While I've used ViewsOnVenice in the past they never replied to my requests (twice I sent them inquiries), so not sure what happened there. :cool:
I am sure you will find an "undiscovered jewel" and everything will be fantastico!!
I have used vrbo.com successfully for finding an apartment in Rome (and in several places in the U.S.). I like the site because of how the photos and information (including reviews) are presented very clearly.
Whew, our problem is solved. An apartment I had looked at during my original search is available, and we're thrilled. It's in Cannaregio, on the Rio di Noale in the vicinity of Vini da Gigio, and is owned by an Australian woman married to a Venetian. Thank you all for your sympathy and your help.
Excellent news, Ann! Curious minds want to know more... ( and I'm wanting to go back to Cannaregio for my next trip): could you post a link?
Certamente -- here it is! Anything for a fellow Belle Etoile enthusiast (in La Roque-Gageac, France -- in the Dordogne). We ate there twice in October, to celebrate my birthday and that of a housemate, and it was as good as ever. BTW, I contacted a woman who had stayed at the place in Venice, and she was totally enthusiastic, which is always good news.
That was quick - thanks! Golly, you get a lot of space for your money in this one. A shame that it doesn't look as if it will be free in June, which is when we might get to Venice.

Glad to hear Belle Étoile is still going strong (ages since we were there).
Good news, Ann.
"In the vicinity of vini da Gigio"--I love how we define loations by the restaurants!
Isn't that true, Jan! And just down the street from da Alberto.
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And just down the street from da Alberto.

I haven't yet eaten at Vini da Gigio - but you're very close to La Cantina, which you probably know already (and if you've never eaten/drunk there, do!). It's a bit of a walk over to da Alberto, though, isn't it? Actually, I was curious, and just measured it on Google maps - 800m (which they say takes 10 minutes: I'm sure I'd do it in less!). But da Alberto is certainly worth the short walk - I think it's probably my favourite 'local' restaurant in Venice.
:D Wonderful news Ann! Vini da Gigio is on my "must" list for my October trip. Your apartment looks fabulous. Don't you love it when it all works out...:)
Hi there, Pokey. Vini da Gigio is great -- along with Antiche Carampane, at the top of our list. I agree with Jonathan, though, that da Alberto is tops in its catagory and should also be on your "must" list.
Ann ~ so happy this worked out for you ~ great apartment and obviously in a foodie mecca ~ but I'm very curious about your choice of Sabbatical Homes rental agency. How did you find them? I checked through some of their Roma rentals ~ they look wonderful and reasonably priced! I didn't quite understand if you had to join or become a member? Obviously you don't have to be an academic, as the owner of your apartment isn't. There don't seem to be many reviews (non of your apartment), which might make me hesitant, yet, you "contacted a woman who had stayed at the place in Venice, and she was totally enthusiastic, which is always good news." How did that work?

Hope you see this! Thanks!
I found Sabbatical Homes once years ago when I was searching for a rental somewhere -- don't remember where. No, you don't have to join or become a member, since you contact the owner individually. I asked Helen, the owner, for the name and email address of someone who had rented the apartment whom I could contact, and she provided the name and email address of the then-current tenant. Hope it works too!
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