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Need updates and recommendations on rules for renting apts. in Paris

Bonjour, tous.

It's been awhile since my husband and I rented an apartment in Paris, so we don't know what the current regulations are about short-term rentals. We'd like to rent an apartment for a month in September, 2019 and want to do so on the up and up if that's even possible anymore. What's the latest?

Can anyone recommend rental agencies or an individual one-bedroom apartment you've rented since the city cracked down on short-term rentals?


We are hoping to go for a month.
It is a little late to find a 1-month rental in September. This will drastically limit your choice.
Will you consider renting two rentals if necessary?
Or rent one that is free most of the month, and go on nice short trips - to Trouville, or Nimes, or Bordeaux - for the days when the rental is not available.
Ah, thank you for the information. I thought we were early! We are planning a few short trips but had hoped not to have to move lodgings.
Moving around is no fun. If you find your top choice and it is available for the entire month, great.
You are actually booking very late. If I were to seek only a weekly rental for September in my favorite cities like Barcelona or Rome, I am sure I will find something but it won't be my first choice.
For example, earlier this year I was looking for a 10-day rental in Rome for the xmas-new year period, which means 11 months out, and I settled on my 4th choice.
Booking a rental is different from booking a hotel room. Even a boutique hotel will normally have a dozen rooms. A rental apartment is like a hotel that has only one room. If that room is unavailable, the whole hotel is unavailable. There are no other rooms as backup.
Moreover, September is a very desirable month.
Now you can imagine the difficulty to expect if you are trying to find an uninterrupted 1-month rental.
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I'm afraid that Parigi is correct & that you're going to have to do some serious searching pretty quickly if you have any hope of getting an apartment for the month of Sept. We've rented an apartment in the Marais for the month of May &, even though we haven't yet stayed there, I took a look just to see its availability for you. As with JustTravel's rental, its not available. I had also kept track of several other places we were considering but, when I looked at them just before writing this, all were unavailable for September. I guess this is a long winded way of saying sorry, I'm of no help to you whatsoever. Good luck.... hope you find something.
Thank you Parigi and Steve. We'll see how it goes. I have a couple irons in the fire which may or may not work out.

Separately to everyone, but most especially to Parigi, I send my condolences to all Parisians who have lost the center of your landscape witt the Notre Dame fire. There's a reason for the plaque embedded in the plaza in front of the two remaining towers--all distances in France are measured from Notre Dame.
Thank you for your very thoughtful words.
What you say about the plaque is right. This means ND de Paris is the center of the center of the country I inhabit and love. It was great comfort to see the world crying with us as we watched it burning 3 nights ago.
Yesterday we went to see how the Lady is standing. It was a beautiful day. Parisians and visitors pouredd out to the Seine and converged around the church. We were silent and took lots of photos, knowing it will be covered by scaffolding for years to come.
And it's standing, beautiful, a bit battered but proud !
Actually the fire damage was not too visible, except for one broken window at the top that vaguely showed part of the roof that is now exposed to the sky. The stained glass was intact.
ND 2nd day after fire.jpg
I just went through this. We just booked an apartment in Paris for a month and a half beginning the first of October. We stayed in the same apartment (upper 9th) the last two years and was hoping to stay there again. I wrote to the owner over two months ago saying we’d like, once again, to rent her apartment. Long story short: she has rented it to somebody else for a longer period; she let us know about that the beginning of April.

We’ve used Airbnb the last five years for Paris rentals, so that is where I turned to first. A couple things about that. The city of Paris had sued Airbnb (for $14 million) to stop so many unlicensed rentals. I won’t go into the details, but it now seems that an owner can use Airbnb without fear if the owner (1) registers the apartment with the city, and (2) caps the number of days per year the apartment is rented out to 120 days.

Here’s a writeup on the Registration Code:

So, if you are going to use Airbnb, I would make sure the rental listing has “License or Registration Code” followed by the registration number. It will be displayed at the end of the owner’s description of the apartment. If the listing does not have the registration number, I wouldn’t take a chance on the place. I said “without fear” above because of a recent situation in Miami. People from some Miami department went through a very popular neighborhood for Airbnb rentals; went to each apartment and if the apartment had renters and was not registered, the renters had to leave. That day.

The only agency in Paris I’m familiar with is Lodgis. They seem to have a good inventory of apartments. HOWEVER: watch out for those fees and charges! They are not all explicitly stated. One apartment I looked at was more-than-reasonable at €1515 per month, but the Charges were €170, the agency fee €900, and the security deposit €843. So, if you’re going to work with an agency, make sure about the total cost.

Another word of advice: don’t pen yourself in on location. Nothing else in the 9th appealed to me at our price point, so I looked in the other north arrondissements: the 17th, the 18th, the 19th, and the 11th. I even looked a couple times (heavens!) in the Left Bank. The apartment we just rented is in the northern part of the 10th.
One other thing about Airbnb. It is up to the owner to give or not give a discount for a longer term (one week, one month or more). Some of the discounts can be quite generous. If there is a discount, it will be factored into the listing's total cost.
Thank you for that information, PeterCL. Restrictions are understandably going on all over in large, desirable cities where ownerss can often get more from short-term rentals than they can from long-term tenants. This greatly shrinks the availabilty of apartments who want to live in cities where they work. Also current residents aren't always keen to have strangers and their rolling suitcases checking in and out of apartments in their neighborhoods. The Airbnb situation is truly a balancing act.


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