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Canadian Gerry

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Hello all slow travellers:

I'm new to the site although I think I did use the previous version many years ago. I just got back from a month long holiday in Europe and I used the Rick Steves Travel Forum for a lot of advice before I left. I wish I had know about this one too as it's good to get advice and opinions from other sources. We took two river cruises (I think they qualify as slow travel) with a few days before the first one (Rhine) in Bruges, a week in Rome between the two and a few days in Prague after the second one (Danube). We rented private apartments (as we believe that's the best way to visit Europe) and got from place to place by train (using several different train systems in six different countries).

I'm willing to answer any questions about travelling in Europe and I hope to ask some myself when planning our next trip.


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