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Olympic ice skating-Italy!

I saw it. It was a beautiful performance and her high marks moved Italy's team into the medal round (top 5). USA made it too. I'm cheering for USA and also Italy.
I saw it! I remember Carolina Kostner skating in Torino. Glad to see she did well! I have to say that I have fallen in love with the little Russian skater, Julia Lipnitskaia. She is amazing!
I have been consumed these past 17 days - our lives have, almost, stood still. ;-)
Though there seemed to be a lot falls -hence mandatory point deductions - the skating was truly phenomenal. The positions some of these skaters placed their bodies in was, even to me, aw-inspiring/amazing - women/girls and men/young men.
Carolina was gorgeous, her programs were mature and full of 'component' points, but she and Yuna were short one triple, unfortunately.
I am sorry to see the end arrive today.....We did love NBCSN's dedicated morning coverage to figure skating - every skater/every program. Kudos, also, we really enjoyed Tara and Johnny commentate - they are a good team. (Hopefully they will commentate World's next month. ) I/we are sure others will disagree, but Johnny put out a lot of good technical information. And! He and Tara had a blast dressing each day. Fun, fun, fun, sorry to see it go.
Multiple quads, who would ever have thought it
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Since this IS an Italy post...
I thought the second skater to represent Ladies FS, Valentina Marchei was OK, I watched all of her skates, every move...she just did not work for me.
Having said that, Carolina K. was beauty on ice with each stroke, pose, move.
I have been at The Ice Hall, in Colorado Springs, many times and watched Paul Bonifacio Parkinson warm up, practice, train. I am sorry he did not skate, under pressure, better.
With both programs in ice-dance, Cappellini and Lanotte (what a last name;-)), skated great. Good programs.
What else.... :)

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