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Paris; apartment or hotel for a family?


with the crack down on apartment rentals in Paris, would you recommend staying a hotel or using an agency as opposed to airbnb/vrbo?

We would like to stay in the St Germain area for a week and our children will be 8 and 11yo when we travel.

Thanks x
I do not see how renting through an agency is necessarily safer than renting through a listing agency, such as Airbnb or VRBO. Many agencies also just list apartments made available through the owner. The agency does not know whether the owner has jumped through the proper licensing hoops that the City is now demanding. IMO it is either a hotel or take a chance on a rental.

That being said, we have rented a place in the 10th for this coming September/October through Airbnb. We just hope that the city of Paris does not get their enforcement army up and running before that. If they do clamp down, available hotel rooms are going to be few and far between.
I was a little concerned when the city inspector came knocking on the door during out stay asking if we lived there and how many people were in the apartment and who owned it. My French language skills were barely up to the task but I said we were guests, and gave her the owner's and agency's business cards. She seemed satisfied with that and the agency is still in business. I doubt that anyone would throw you out of a rental should they crack down, but I suppose rental availability might shrink if they get serious.
I stayed at a Paris Vacation Apartments last September. We really liked our apartment (St. Germain lovely 2 bedroom) & it was a 2 bedroom, so might work for you. I found the agency very easy to deal with. They helped us arrange a car to the airport and some restaurant reservations.


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