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Paris transportation tips


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I just returned from Paris:

The carnet (10 Metro tickets) and single paper tickets will eventually be phased out. I went ahead and purchased the Navigo Easy card for 2 Euros, then charged it up, just like London's Oyster Card. No photo needed for this one.

G7 Taxi has a very good app (like an Uber app) where you can enter your street address, and book it, based on what time they can pick you up. When leaving Paris, I used it, and had a car within 6 minutes. They let you know the car description, license plate and driver's name, along with a quote. Going to the CDG airport, it was a flat fee of 54 Euros, from Rue du Quatre Septembre, in the 2nd arrondissement. Free app. (I created a free account, but didn't store any credit card info, just my name, a pw and my phone number)

The RATP app is much improved. It asks, "where are you going?" and finds your location, then offers up metro, bus, RER/train, etc. info for getting to your destination. You can create alerts for your favorite metro line. Traffic information. Free app.

FYI: I used an iPhone.


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