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Photo Hunt 2017 No. 17 - Music / Musical

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt No. 17 (Week of June 25) – Music/Musical

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Being able to participate and observe the traditions in Europe is one of my favorite things about travel. I especially enjoy the wonderful festivals with costumes and traditions that locals participate in.

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This photo was taken in 2006 in Old Town Square (Wikipedia) in Prague. Here some locals are playing some very lively music surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve seen. I really enjoyed my stay here and would love to revisit again someday soon.

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Just the other night after dinner, outside our window in Brugge



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I enjoy the festivals and parades in Europe. It seems music is in the air everywhere. However, I decided to go with a slight twist - this is a shot of one of my favorite European musicians - I snapped this shot of Eric Clapton in 1975 or 76.


Back in the day when you could bring a camera into concerts and walk up to the stage front and get your shot. Oh I wish I had my camera of today back then. The dark spot in the bottom is someone's head.


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Ok... More along the theme of thread. A pop up concert in Amsterdam on a barrage. A very pleasant couple of hours.

popup concert.jpg

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