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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 8 - Coffee / Tea

This week’s Photo Hunt No. 8 (Week of February 25, 2018) – Coffee / Tea

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While color images highlight the vibrance of an image, I think that same image taken in black and white can reveal the details, character and mood not normally seen when taken in color. I enjoyed seeing everyone's Black & White photos.

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Sitting at an outdoor café, drinking a cup of coffee in Rome, Italy. Is there anything better!

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Hi Joe
My Italian tutor doesn't drink coffeeo_O
I never thought I'd meet an Italian who wasn't a regular drinker of it.


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Hi Ian - even when we're in Italy I'm not tempted by the coffee there, although I appreciate the diversity of the small torrefazioni. There are quite a lot of them in Piemonte, and we usually buy a few packets of coffee to take home and try - my wife is in seventh heaven over there. It doesn't come out the same in our kitchen, though....:(
Hi Joe
Do you buy as beans or ground? The former will last longer, but I still aim to use them up inside 2-3 weeks.

Machine and grinder do make a difference, though it was difficult when I got little change out of £1000 for something that in coffee geek circles would be seen as 'good entry level' :eek:. Regular cleaning of both machine and grinder has also made a difference (and indeed if I leave the coffee machine too long between cleans, the difference is very striking).

We do buy beans on holiday, but less than we used to (we've done 2kg before, now more like 500g). In part this is due to excellent local roasters where we live and in part through recognising the beans don't stay fresh forever. We do also buy one bag on holiday that's pre-ground, but that's to use in the apartments in the ubiquitous stovetop 'moka' pots. These days with the brains of the operation shifting to decaf, then I join her in that, but get my caffeine fix out and about.



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Hi Joe - Do you buy as beans or ground?
We just buy some small packets of roasted beans, not so much as an endless attempt to find the perfect coffee, but more as another type of souvenir that keeps the memory of the trip last a bit longer. As we have usually timed our trips to attend the Salone del Gusto, we get to choose not only from many small Italian brands, but also ones from Africa and South America. A Torino-based coffee brand in the morning for my wife, a shot of genepi sometimes in the evening for me - we can almost imagine we're sitting in our agriturismo somewhere in Piemonte ... ;)


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Caffè Americano at Pavia. Normally I order espresso (yum!!) but this day I wanted something longer to sip while waiting for a colleague. Pavia is an art gallery/espresso bar/café not far from my office, and is one of my fave places. They import their (fair trade) espresso beans from Mokaflor, a micro-roastery in Florence.


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