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Photo Hunt 2019 No. 50 - Open Market

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt 2019 No. 50 – Open Market

I think Slow Travel is the best way to have memorable experiences in the places we visit. But that’s not to say that we can’t enjoy activities and/or experiences with a bit of velocity.

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One of the best activities I enjoy doing while traveling is visiting the local markets. And in the small village of Chinchero, Peru there is a very popular and cool open market which is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.



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The Rialto fish and vegetable market in Venice in 2012. We were surprised how much smaller it was when we were there in 2018. When I asked a vendor about it, he said, "the young people don't cook." Sure enough, when I looked around, almost all of the shoppers, including us, had grey hair. The best thing about renting an apartment or house is going to markets like this and figuring out tonight's dinner.




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Awat Market, near Kashgar in the far west of China. The Sunday Market at Kashgar is famous and attracts visitors in their thousands. Instead we went to the local market in the tiny village of Awat, about 30 minutes drive from Kashgar. we passed families arriving by donkey cart loadedwith poroduce for sale. This sells everything from household goods, to home grown produce aand livestock.
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We spent 5 days in Bologna last autumn, and one of the main interests for us was get a look at the various markets (which is what we try and look for anywhere we visit). Everyone is usually aware of the lovely market and food stores in the Quadrilatero, as well as the Mercato delle Erbe, but there are a few others that are smaller and less frequented.

One is the Mercato Ritrovato (the "rediscovered" market), near the cinema complex. This is basically a farmers market, under the auspices of the Slow Food organisation, that operates only on Saturday mornings. As such, it displays merchandise of small farmers from the area, many organic. There is a place for children, and some stands supply prepared food like sandwiches, etc. The surrounding cinema complex provides an interesting backdrop. Don't expect to find a foodie's paradise here, but there are some nice stands. For a local, this is a nice place to do a weekly purchase. Wasn't very busy when we were there, we bought some coffee, bread and dried mushrooms.





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In continuation of my previous post above, another small and relatively unknown market in Bologna is the one that takes place in the framework of the "Labas" movement in Bologna. This is sort of a community anti-establishment movement that has received permission to use the space of a city convent in order to hold activities that are in line with their manifesto of freedom and equality.
As such, they host a small farmers market every Wednesday, where farmers belonging to a sort of "peasant" collective that aims to offer an alternative food supply to the mainstream industrial one, can offer their wares. The emphasis is on mutual solidarity, local supply, and a fair economy.
The farmers' organisation goes under the name of "Genuino Clandestino".
Read more about it here, here and here.

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Contest 2019 Winner!
A wonderful Sunday in Marsaxlokk, Malta... The island swarms to this small town for the fish market and a family day on the sea.


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