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Photo Hunt No. 2 - Dance / Dancing

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Kathy (Trekcapri)

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I enjoyed seeing everyone’s “Happy” photos and reading about the stories behind them.

This week’s theme (Week of March 12, 2017) is: Dance/Dancing.

There is also a Photo Hunt 2017 category on the Media Gallery in case you want to put your photos in the media gallery first and then insert from there using the camera icon above the text box, into your post.

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I was really torn between two (both in Spain) but in the end this photo was such a fond travel memory. I had read an article written by Shannon of a Catalan dance called Sardana. While visiting Barcelona, I went to see the Sardana dance in front of the Cathedral (located in Placa de Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter) which is held on Sunday afternoons. People form these circles, join their hands and with them raised they dance with these intricate steps. There are circles of various sizes small and large. People of all ages/gender put their belongings in the middle of the circle and join in on the dance. There is a live band and before you know it there are several circles of dancers. It was very cool to see. On group even had matching shoes and celebrated after the dance with some wine (which they brought to the dance).


Katt B

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Dancing Krakow.jpg

Traditional dancers in Krakow, Poland, 2015.


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Back in 2003 we bumped into and got to participate in a 25 Anniversary Party on the island of Poros.

Not a very good picture, but it did capture the moment, and the lack of focus may have been caused by a little Ouzo, which had been consumed. And yep they are broken plates.
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