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Procida or Ischia

Hi all:

I have been to Capri and want to spend a couple nights on another island. I was very interested in Procida but I'm having trouble finding availability. Does anyone have any recommendations for Ischia? Do you like it there? Have a town/hotel you suggest? I'm going in July and it is a bit of a grand tour trip as it is the first time in Italy for my 15 year old niece so I thought a couple days at the beach would be nice. Thanks!
Ischia is a different atmosphere from Capri, bigger and more spread out. There are several towns, and some are more accessible than others. I liked Forio in terms of overall atmosphere, though there is more activity in Ischia Porto. There's a run-down of the towns here. One of the draws is the hot springs and the big "thermal gardens" -like hot spring spa theme parks! There are loads of nice beaches, though. Some areas are a bit more "tired looking" than you'd find on Capri.

Another island to consider is Ponza, which is also very pretty, a bit less known but a cool Caribbean-vibe to a certain extent.


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