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Procida or Ischia

Hi all:

I have been to Capri and want to spend a couple nights on another island. I was very interested in Procida but I'm having trouble finding availability. Does anyone have any recommendations for Ischia? Do you like it there? Have a town/hotel you suggest? I'm going in July and it is a bit of a grand tour trip as it is the first time in Italy for my 15 year old niece so I thought a couple days at the beach would be nice. Thanks!
Ischia is a different atmosphere from Capri, bigger and more spread out. There are several towns, and some are more accessible than others. I liked Forio in terms of overall atmosphere, though there is more activity in Ischia Porto. There's a run-down of the towns here. One of the draws is the hot springs and the big "thermal gardens" -like hot spring spa theme parks! There are loads of nice beaches, though. Some areas are a bit more "tired looking" than you'd find on Capri.

Another island to consider is Ponza, which is also very pretty, a bit less known but a cool Caribbean-vibe to a certain extent.
We've been to Capri twice and Ischia once. Valerie is spot-on, very different vibes.

Ischia is very popular with Germans, many of whom visit every year with large groups of friends and co-workers. There are a handful of beer gardens serving sausages and schnitzel.

Sant'Angelo on Ischia is impossibly cute, a fantastic place to have a drink and a bite, watch the boats come and go and the world pass by.

The big attractions are the "terme" - thermal spas. Most are set up as "wellness clinics" offering all kinds of treatments and procedures that seemed, um, interesting to my American, non-spa going eyes.

We liked Negombo - in Lacco Ameno - it's a waterside spa with beach, restaurant, beautiful gardens, and a big selection of water features: plunge pools, showers, Turkish baths. It was our sense that the spas are pretty highly regulated, with charts listing the sulfur content and radiation levels (!) of the various baths that are fed by underground thermal springs.

Will you be spending any time in Naples? If so, make time to stop by Cappella Sansavero to see the Veiled Christ - breathtaking.


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