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Recent Parking info in Cinque?


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I certainly understand the parking limitations in the villages, but curious if anyone has recently parked in the few pay options available? example Riomaggiore shows 3 lots at the top of town, curious if "off season" opens up a little parking?


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I think it is probably like any area where parking is tight, how lucky are you. :)

The only town I've driven to is Corniglia. It was in May, so a fairly busy time. I was able to get a space on the street only a short walk into the center. I think it just depends on any given day if you hit it right. Probably best if you go as early as possible to beat the rush, or go late in the day when most people are leaving.


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We are considering staying in the Cinque Terra area for a few nights. Have a couple choices with free parking space which would be the easy choice, but a couple without parking have caught our eye as well.... I'm ok with spending the money for daily parking, just don't want to risk the aggravation of not finding a spot. As far as "how lucky are you?"..... well, I never panic park and seem to do ok ;-)

I mentioned "off season", but I think nowadays that term can't be used for Cinque Terra even in April.


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When we visited the CT, we based ourselves in Levanto and took the train in every day - so can't help you with updated info on parking in Riomaggiore. The Levanto base was great for us, as we really liked the town. However, if you do have your eye on an accommodation in the CT that entices you, but does not have parking available beside it - I think you should take the chance and hope you find an available parking. A great accommodation can be worth the extra aggravation of searching for a parking space.
Although looking at a Street View of the parking spaces above Riomaggiore, the situation indeed does not look encouraging...
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Ian Sutton

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I suppose there are also options if you don't want to use the car at all (or just once or twice) when in CT, e.g. if there's parking near the station in La Spezia. Merely being able to drive to the apartment to drop off heavy luggage, before parking up, might be enough to make an inconvenient parking location very much ok.


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Our 2 week itinerary is complete, except for this 4 day portion that falls in the middle. No good reason why we can't figure this out, but my guess is that we will have feet firmly planted in Italy before we decide :D Parking outside an area for a few days might work.. fortunate that there are plenty of options remaining, we would never wing it like this in summer months!


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Been to CT a couple of times. Never researched parking options, just content to arrive and depart by train, take the ferry to Portovenere.

But one train out was like 4-5 hours so that may be where car saves you time, arriving and departing.


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Not a timesaver, the car was necessary for 2 legs of our trip, Pienza and Guarene….decided not to turn it in twice, instead opting to do a road trip allowing us to stop whenever and wherever we want.

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