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Renewing my passport :)


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Passport renewal update (my experience).
I'd read it could take months to get a passport renewed. Mine expired in June 2022 and, after reading articles, knew I could apply 9 months ahead of time. Not being a procrastinator :) I started the process in Sept.
I mailed (with tracking from the USPS) on Sept. 6th. It was received on Sept. 10th. I figured I'd get my new one by the end of October.
Well wasn't I SURPRISED to get my new passport YESTERDAY! 3 weeks + 1 day from the date the processing center received my application.
Other friends told me theirs took 4 months. My sister got hers back in 6 weeks. Her husband had his SENT BACK because he was wearing glasses in his photo. (shame on whomever took his photo in the first place; no glasses allowed).
I'm wondering if mine came back so quickly because I have Global Entry?? Who knows. My passport photo is so horrid they probably thought I needed to get to Europe STAT!

So, that is my story! (Hopefully I'll get my old one back soon).
Happy travels!

**edited to add that I did NOT pay extra for expedited service**
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So funny about your photo making it seem it is essential to get to Europe asap! :)

Glad you got your passport fairly quickly.


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I sent my passport in for renewal 7/19/2021 and my check cleared 8/5/2021. I checked with the passport status check tool, and was advised that it could take up to 16 weeks. I also have Global Entry, so consider yourself fortunate that you received your renewal so soon. PokeyMindy, since I mailed mine about a month before you, someone must have picked up the wrong stack!
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