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Rome Metro Transit Times


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I am not having much luck finding a trip planner site for estimating station to station travel time. I'm specifically looking for approximate times between Circo Massimo and Cinecitta (requires transfer at Termini). Trying to see if we can fit in a lunch that starts at 12:30 at one end and a reservation for 3:15 at the other end. Any sites you can point me to?


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It could depend when you're going. It shows here that line A in central Rome is closed until Aug. 19 and replaced by a bus, and I know there have been ongoing Metro closings for a while. For later in August, I did a search on Google Maps for public transportation, and it shows another closing schedule and replacement bus, and estimates 55 minutes for the trip. It would be much faster if the Metro is running regularly. With a sit-down lunch, it's hard to estimate when you'll be finished.


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Thanks -- just got back from two weeks of sleeping in a barracks in Cooperstown, NY, with 12 year old baseball players (16 games in two weeks complete with cafeteria dining with the other 1400 kids who were on campus for the tournaments) and desperately in need of Italy right now where no one will call me "coach". Leaving Monday, but won't be in Rome until the the first week of October.

Agree that the timing for a sit-down lunch is indeterminate. Will take a look at the Moovit app.


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