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Rome to Civitavecchia Port


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What is the best transportation from Rome to the port? We will be staying near Campo di Flori.
I know there is a train from Rome Termini for about 5-10 euro each, however the station is about a mile from the port requiring a taxi. I found this link to a "free shuttle service" around the port, but does it pickup from the train station?


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This page on that site gives information on taking the city bus. The map on the shuttle page that you linked doesn't show stops at the station (Civitavecchia in blue with a train logo).


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You have a couple of options by train. Trenitalia now offers a train + bus service, if you use Civitavecchia Porto as your destination you'll see this come up. They charge 2 euro for the bus.

Alternately you could spend 2 euro for the local bus.

You can also travel to Civitavecchia by Cotral bus. The stop is just around the corner from the Largo della Pace entrance to the port where you pick up the free port shuttle bus.

This bus starts at the Cotral depot near the Cornelia metro station.

There is also the new Civitavecchia Express train, designed for cruise passengers. In Rome you can only get it from the Ostiense or S. Pietro stations.


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