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Transportation Rome to Puglia


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We will be spending three weeks in Southern Italy this autumn. Will be flying in to Rome (after spending some time in London). From there, would like to take a train to Puglia, where we will rent a car. We plan to spend a week in Lecce and surrounding area. Work our way back west after that, spending a few nights in Matera, then onward to Cilento and Amalfi Coasts, then drive upward back to Rome, return the car and spend our last 5 - 7 days in Rome. My question here is if there is a train that leaves from FCO to Lecce? or does it only go as far as Bari?

Many thanks in advance. More questions to follow, but this first.


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Hi Terry, there are no direct trains from Fiumicino Airport to Puglia, but after taking the Leonardo Express to Roma Termini, there are direct trains to Lecce. For the dates I checked, if your flight arrival allows leaving the airport at 14.08, you can arrive in Lecce around 8.30 p.m. Later than that, you'd be arriving pretty late. See www.trenitalia.com : Fiumicino Aeroporto as your starting point.

Editing to add: Are you locked in to flying from London to Rome? You could also look into nonstop flights from London to Brindisi or Bari.
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Tim W

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I would agree that Bari or Brindisi would be better (there are a wide variety of flights and airlines) BA from Heathrow, Easyjet from Gatwick, Ryanair from Stansted.

Bari or Brindisi to Lecce is relatively easy - decent transport links from both airports.

I've done the train from Rome to Lecce (long story involving a missed flight and several hours of panic) - there is a Freccia service from Trenitalia, It is quite a long journey (somewhere over 5 1/2 hours) - and make sure you book the train in advance - it fills up quickly and many travellers heading to Naples use it.


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Andrew is spot on! There are many options from the airports at Bari and Brindisi to get to Lecce. I've not flown from Brindisi, but at Bari I know the train station is next to the airport terminal.


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When we visited Puglia, we found it much easier to fly from Rome to Bari and pick up our rental car in Bari. We started outside of Cisternino, then several days in Lecce, and finally over the border to Matera in Basilicata. If you're staying in Lecce the entire time, you won't want or need a car, but if you want to explore the lovely Itria Valley, a car is a necessity.


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