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Scotland 2019

Hello Slow Travellers! Looking for some ideas and recommendations on accomodations and other day trips for our trip to Scotland in June 2019. We currently plan to stay in Edinburgh for a week and Inverness/Highlands for a week. Golf and "Outlander" self guided touring is on the agenda.
If you want help with planning itineraries then this is a useful resource. Click on the length of time you have and there are suggestions for diiferent itineraries that will help give you an idea what can be achieved in the time available.

Your best source of information about Scotland is the Undiscovered Scotland website. Start with the map pages and follow the links for lots of information and pictures of different places to visit. I use this for all my planning of Scotland holidays.

This page has lots of different suggestions for scenic drives from Edinburgh or for the Highlands.

There is so much to do and see that it is impossible to know where to begin! Once you have got some ideas collected come back for more information.


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