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Help Needed seeking suggestions for bases in north Italy (lakes and possibly Trentino or Lombardy

Ian Sutton

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Thanks so much, Ian, for your quick reply. Our style is actually more like yours - we have preferred to rent places out in the countryside with beautiful views and rent a car. Would you have a recommendation of where to look for chalet apartments in Molveno?
Hi David
From memory we started with the local tourist office but also googled (quite a few chalets have their own website). We've stayed at both the places in this google street view picture

The one on the right goes by the name of Damo di Lago, with the one on the left slightly more to our tastes and quieter (the owners live below the apartment). The apartments tend towards a slightly spartan ski chalet style, but both were well-fitted, clean and comfortable. The views are great, but then it's probably a challenge to find a place without great views here.

That location a relatively short, but rather steep, walk up from the centre, with a path that runs alongside Damo di Lago / branches off to enter via their charming garden. Alternatively take the longer, but less steep option of walking along the very quiet roads.

It's also very convenient for the ski lift (maybe 1-2 minutes walk) up to Pradel, and also well-placed for the path up there if feeling more energetic - and it's a lovely quiet and safe walk up there, albeit steep for most of it.


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Thanks so much, Ian. I'm not sure if you saw, but I posted (before your post) that I further refined our trip and we decided we wanted to be closer to Bolzano. So I booked an Airbnb place there that looks nice. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

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