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Food & Drink Sherry, the fortified wine from Spain

Sherry is a signature beverage of Spain. This presentation provides individuals with an introduction its production and types. Comments, corrections and criticisms from connoisseurs regarding their experiences and preferences are welcome.

This article was written in PowerPoint, so I will insert an image of each page below.

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Ian Sutton

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If you ever stumble across a Harvey's 'milk' or 'cream' sherry from the 1950s or 1960s, then grab the opportunity to taste it. A wine trade friend opened a bottle about a decade ago, and it was very good indeed. More modern versions aren't likely to be as interesting / have as much longevity unfortunately.

Alternatively (and more practically) La Gitana Manzanilla is a widely available option for a lighter style


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Truly enjoyed the presentation. A year or so ago I completed the Spanish Wine Scholar program through the Wine Scholar Guild.

I learned a bunch, and the sherry section was by far the toughest for me. I made a study sheet in power point and it really helped come test time. I lean to both exteremes - dry Fino and PX are my favorites.

I also became a fan of Fondillón, but it is much harder to find in the states. I am guarding my last bottle that is from a solera that was started in 1948. Liquid gold!

Once again, I enjoyed the Sherry overview.


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Thank you very much for your visual representation of sherry production. It provided me with more information and is much appreciated.
BTW, my favourite everyday fino doesn't come from the Jerez denomination but rather from the Bodegas Alvear south of Cordoba.


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