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Sicily location and agriturismo / hotel recommendations?


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My husband and I are planning a trip to Sicily next April and would appreciate recommendations of where to stay for several days to one week. We will most likely fly into Rome, stay there for a few days and then drive or fly to Sicily. Not sure where to locate ourselves - Northwest, Southeast? We will have a car, but have never been to Sicily before. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
Quite a drive from Rome to Sicily, so unless planning a road trip with plentiful stops along the way (and I'm not sure you have the time for that), I reckon flying is best, though direct train also an option if 10 hours on a train is something you'd enjoy / relax with.

I'd try to trim down my options once the arrival / departure points are clearer. That can often present clarity that avoids too much travel / transfer time.
Thanks Ian. I wasn't very clear in my post. We will be in Italy about 4 weeks with more like two weeks in Sicily and a week on each end. We've never been to Sicily and would I think this would give us enough time to explore and get a sense of it. I was looking for ideas about one or two good locations to situate ourselves. Thanks again.
Ah, super. You should be able to cover quite a bit of ground in 2 weeks, so 2 locations sounds ideal.

If looking for a contrast and to cut down on car hire duration, one of those weeks could be on the Aeolian islands, allowing the regular ferries and occasional excursion (e.g. night boat to see the natural fireworks of Stromboli) to offer easy day trips. Salina or Lipari are the easiest choices of base island. The ferries go from Milazzo, which could work nicely if driving or taking the train to Sicily. There's also a ferry from Palermo if you end up flying into (or out of) that city.

Others will have better insight on the 'mainland', but options might include a road trip along the south agrigento, ragusa, siracusa, modica, noto etc., exploring Etna's wines and landscape, immersing in the two vibrant (but perhaps a bit too intense for our tastes) cities of Catania and Palermo. Maybe a bit early in the season for Taormina? I'm sure there's 2 weeks worth on the mainland if the islands don't appeal.

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