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SIM card ?

Wanting to bring an old iPhone 5, any suggestions on where and who to purchase from ? Also, will a SIM allow you to call USA and Italy phone #'s ? I'll be in Italy for 4 weeks traveling and my carrier, Verizon is $10 a day.....too much $$$ for me.
Thanks Forum !
My experience is that most plans will allow virtually unlimited calls in Italy but calls to the US will have limited number of minute (200-300 minutes used to be typical). Check out competing tourist packages with TIM and Vodafone.
We use a TIM SIM and use the pay-as-you-go option unless we know we’ll be making a lot of calls within a month, in which case we buy a 30-day plan and return to pay-as-you-go after the plan expires. Just make sure you don’t buy a plan that automatically renews for more months than you need it. When calling a US number, we make free calls when we are on WiFi using Google Hangouts. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked before you leave home.
There are SIMs aimed at tourists or immigrant markets, with generous calls to certain countries.

But if you could use VOIP or messaging to communicate back to the US, it’s simpler to get a SIM with a lot of data or use WiFi.

There are also apps which can make calls to international phone numbers using mobile data or WiFi. You have to add credit separately in those apps. But on an iPHone, you can do so within the app. And it will take money from your iTunes account, which you can tie to a credit card or better still, use prepaid iTunes cards to add credit.

So these apps. Would include Skype (Skype Out), Viber and Rebtel. You can compare the calling rates to different countries, just Google Viber rates.

But I’d be concerned about relying on an iPhone 5. Is that the only unlocked phone you have? It’s at least 4-5 years old if I’m not mistaken.


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