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Slow Europe Newsletter, October 2022


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Hello Everyone! It has been a few years since I’ve sent out a newsletter and what years they were. European travel didn’t seem important anymore, did it? But travel returned this year and from what I’ve read people are making up for lost time!

I would like to welcome you back to the Slow Europe forums.</b> Let’s pick up where we left off. Let’s talk about travel, plan our trips and report back on the places we’ve been. Many of us have been active on the forums these past years, but we would like to have more people join us!

Slow Europe Forums: https://www.sloweurope.com/community/


The forums are organised by country. For each country there is the main forum, a forum for accommodation reviews, a forum for trip reports, and a forum for travel articles.

The SEARCH feature works very well. You can search all forums or specific forums and search by words or by member. The FILTER feature also works well. Click on the FILTER link to search by topic, for example all threads about Tuscany in the Italy forum.


If you do not visit the forums for 7 days you receive an Activity Summary Email showing the new posts. You receive this every 7 days until you go on the forums. This is a quick way for you to see new posts without going to the forums. If you are on the forums you can see new posts in the “What’s New” tab.

To opt out click your member name in the upper right of the forums page and select “preferences”. There you can uncheck the “Receive activity summary email” option.


If you’ve travelled recently, post your trip notes and photos. Go to the Trip Reports forum for the country and start a new thread. Post as much as you like about your trip – a detailed day-to-day or an overview. Upload photos! Instead of one long post, divide it up into several posts in the same thread. You can edit your Trip Reports at any time. Everyone loves reading trip reports and they are a great help for trip planning.


I am working on my project to transfer all the Europe trip reports from the old SlowTrav to SlowEurope but can only do this with the author’s permission. Check our list of SlowTrav Trip Reports, find yours and email or message me with permission to publish it. Many have been moved over – they are marked with * on that list and linked to the new location. If you’ve already given me permission and I haven’t published it, send me a message. If you don’t want your trip report published but would like a copy of it, send me a message.

SlowTrav Trip Reports List: https://www.sloweurope.com/community/threads/list-of-slowtrav-trip-reports-2000-2014.5954/


A special “thank you” to Eleanor who has posted many interesting and informative Travel Articles!

See her UK travel articles here: https://www.sloweurope.com/community/forums/united-kingdom-ireland-travel-articles.48/


Steve and I are still living in England. It’s been 12 years now and it looks like we are staying, even with the current chaos. Last October I developed a form of Vasculitis, Giant Cell Arteritis, an auto-immune disease that affects my arteries. I had a pretty rough year and I am pulling out of it now, but am not back to normal. We did our usual September trip to Switzerland and France (by car from England) but at a slower pace. Slow, Slow Travel! Travel that includes an afternoon nap!

Read more here: https://www.sloweurope.com/community/threads/forum-participation.6136/

Thanks for reading this newsletter. See you on the forums!

Pauline Kenny
Bridport, Dorset UK

Georgia & Zig

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Contest 2019 Winner!
My husband is still working on our summer trip report to Italy but it’s almost done. Then I will post it. We also took our granddaughter to France for her high school graduation present in July. That trip report hasn’t been started yet. By the way, we caught the new COVID strain in Paris in July. I believe it was in the crowded and hot Louvre where not many people were wearing masks anymore. We were leaving Paris headed to Lyon by train when my husband came down with all the symptoms. Sure enough, when we took him to the emergency department at the Lyon hospital they sent him to a pharmacy to get tested and it was positive. After we got back to the hotel he went straight to bed and was pretty sick for 3 days and nights but didn’t need to return to the hospital. We missed the Bastille Day celebration and fireworks because by then I was in bed sick too. Thank goodness I didn’t get as sick as he did. Our granddaughter was fine with just hanging out in the hotel. She slept and texted back and forth with friends since she didn’t get sick. She had caught it in May while we were in Italy. She was still a bit sick for graduation day.


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By the way, we caught the new COVID strain in Paris in July. I believe it was in the crowded and hot Louvre where not many people were wearing masks anymore.
I am so sorry to hear this! At least you both got over it quickly. I’ve read about people testing positive for 10 days.

Looking forward to the trip reports!


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Thank you for the mention Pauline. I'm having great fun writing the travel articles - they cover days out, as well as short holidays in the UK from the last few years. I enjoy writing them as well as rereading the older ones which brings back many memories... Hopefully others will find the information useful too. There are so many lovely places to visit in the UK and I'm still only scratching the surface.

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