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Speed Traps in France


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In December 2012, while we were in Provence setting up our apartment, I apparently was speeding on the road toward Avignon. My daughter and I were going to Le Pontet on a major shopping expedition. I received a ticket at home in the USA for 45 euro. I was able to pay it online using my Visa card... and there was even an English option available on the website.

I've noticed on the D900 (the main road on the north side of the Luberon) that the speed camera was recently moved and I've become much more sensitive to these cameras after getting a ticket.

Today I was flipping through an old Business Week magazine and found this article from October 2013: France's Big Brother Speed Trap. I thought this might be a useful heads-up for others who are driving in France.


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Thanks for this warning, Kathy, and the article. We'll be careful on the D900 this fall!


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Don't know whether this little welcome-home present is confined to Provence, but the same thing happened to us in 2012. Not long after we got home, we received a letter informing us that we had been clocked speeding (something very slight, maybe 5 km over the limit). As a result, France would be very happy to relieve us of an additional 45 euros, payable online. At least paying it was easy


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Jeri, I don't think it's confined to Provence. Here is a map of speedtraps in France, although I'm not sure how recent it is. There don't seem to be many in Provence, and yet you and Kathy were both caught!


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