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Starbucks opens in Milan

I think this has been in the offing for a while.

In pure coffee terms, no they can't compete with pretty much any cafe/bar in Italy. However arguably Starbucks is a lifestyle choice and some Italians (at least the younger ones) will go somewhere that feels stylish and international. They'll get a shock with the coffee, but the youngsters sometimes take a strong view they want to break free from what they see as parochialism (but I love as Italian culture).
I am sure it will succeed with the younger crowd. I know someone in Milan who has been so excited at the arrival of Starbucks. I can't understand it as I prefer the traditional Italian culture concerning coffee. I am curious to go there to see the differences from Starbucks in America.


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I am sure it will succeed with the younger crowd.
After seeing the amount of teenagers at the McDonald's near the Genoa train station, and in other places in Italy, I believe you're right. These businesses have succeeded all over the world where parents have not. ;)

Maybe this is a bit off topic, but strangely enough, the only place Starbucks didn't succeed in setting up shop was here in Israel. Their two-year attempt was quite embarrassing for them (and even a bit of source of pride for the local coffee scene here).
For a read on this (with attached podcast), see the link, if anyone's interested :
My wife's older cousins kept us supplied with very good homemade wine throughout our visits. Now that they have all passed away, their children/grandchildren happily provide us with very bad homemade beer. Times change -- not always for the better -- but times change.


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