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Strasbourg Hotel or Apartment Recommendations


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Bonjour, Tous.

On our trip to France in early September--a month away--we're spending five nights in Strasbourg sans voiture where we haven't been. If anyone on the board has a hotel or apartment recommendation to share, I'd be greatly appreciative. We want to be near Le Petite France (right?) because our primary activity will be . . . café sitting. Yes, we will be going to markets, seeing the museums, and being flaneurs. It's a pre-Paris get-over-jet-lag (and a rather awful year), so the café sitting is a priority.

We've come to love these "pre" weeks on arrival from the U.S. before plunging into a more intense travel experiences--Arles (where we rented a house) before a Paris month; Aix (at the Hotel Dauphin) before a Limousin rental; Verona (before a big Dolomites hiking trip.) My husband wants to hotel it. But the day after our Strasbourg arrival is the Tuesday market, and I know I'll feel as I did in Verona and Aix, that I'll probably wish we'd rented an apartment to bring in all those goodies. So info on Strasbourg neighborhoods, restos, hotels, and apartments are welcome.

Wishing you all beautiful times this summer and understand if you're too relaxed to respond though many of you did a great job helping me sort out my Paris apartment choices in the middle of which a last-minute choice came up, and we booked it. Merci!


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