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Taxi from rental car office at Termini to apartment

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Mom83, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    For the first time in many trips to Italy, we are going to return our rental car to Termini instead of FCO. I am not sure from whom my husband rented...it is either a Hertz or Avis. Does anyone know where we would catch a taxi to take us to our apartment near Campo dei Fiori? There will be 4 of us with suitcases.
  2. ellen

    ellen 10+ Posts

    Both Hertz and Avis are located in the same parking garage, Park Giolitti on the south side of the train station (on Via Giovanni Giolitti 267).

    From there to the taxi stand in front of Termini is about a half mile on foot. I would ask the rental car agency if they will drop you and your stuff off at your apartment and compare that against the cost of two taxis (you won't get four people plus luggage all in one cab).
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  3. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    Thanks, Ellen!
    I have often seen taxis that look like small vans..do you not think these would be available at a Termini? I was thinking we could either ask the rental agent to call us a cab, use our Uber app, or have my husband walk to the taxi stand and have the taxi come back to the ground floor of the garage to pick up the rest of us and our luggage. Thoughts on these options? I had never thought of asking the rental car company for a ride to our apartment...do they normally offer this service?
  4. DDTraveler

    DDTraveler 10+ Posts

    Oakland, CA
    Couldn't you ask the rental car company to call you a taxi and specify a van that could hold all of you?

    I would try it at least.

  5. ellen

    ellen 10+ Posts

    Some will do it, some won't. I sort of live by the "you never get what you don't ask for" rule.

    Regular Uber does not exist in Italy, what they have is more like a car service but using the Uber ap, so it's more expensive than a cab.

    As for taxi vans, yes you do see some smaller ones but I don't know how frequently you'd find one. I think your best option is to have the rental folks call for you and explain exactly what you need.
  6. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    DDtraveler and Ellen...thank you so much for your excellent suggestions. Yes, I know about Uber Black...I think I may try it once or twice and see what we think. I agree with you both...our first option will be to ask the car rental agent to call a taxi large enough for all of us.
    Normally, my husband and I walk everywhere in Rome...we seldom take a cab or public transportation. This next trip, we are bringing our friends who are in their mid-70's (10 years older than us)...I am not sure about their endurance for long walks, so I think we will be taking taxis more often. Your help has been much appreciated!
  7. Andrew

    Andrew 100+ Posts

    Maybe I recall that the reason for your return at Termini is that the via Sardegna locations show as closed Saturday afternoon. I find that, even if the offices for starting rentals are closed then, the garages for Hertz and Avis returns there are staffed, in Avis's case until 4.30.

    About getting a cab, if you have a smartphone there's the it.taxi app, which is supposed to work like Uber to get a regular taxi, with a GPS to your location and payment to a credit card on file, but the time I tried it, after a via Sardegna return, it didn't work. With any cell phone, I don't know if there's a language barrier, but there are the central numbers 06-3570 and 06-5551. What finally worked for us (those two had nothing available) was the number 060609, which does voice recognition of your address if you can say it clearly enough in Italian. Now I see that they also have an app: ChiamaTaxi 060609. I mention these since, in either garage, the attendant who checks in your car may not be equipped to call a cab.
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  8. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    Again, Andrew...excellent advice. Yes, the reason we chose Termini is because it may be late afternoon on Saturday when we return the car...possibly even after the 4:30pm closing time of Avis. We just thought it was safer to go with Termini due to this fact. I have carefully looked at the directions and feel fairly comfortable understanding how to get there (I am the navigator, my husband is the driver). Do you think Termini is that much more difficult to get to over Via Sardenga?
    I will see if I can get that app on my phone...thank you for the contact information. The advice I get on this forum is so valuable!
    P.S. Got the app! It will be so helpful! I may also try Uber once or twice too, just to compare.
    P.S.S. I cannot find the it.taxi app.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  9. Andrew

    Andrew 100+ Posts

    I'm used to getting to via Sardegna, and I'm worried about getting on the correct side of the medians to get to the Termini garage, but for a late Saturday afternoon you may need to do that. Try it taxi without the dot: https://www.ittaxi.it/app
  10. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    Yes, I preferred the Via Sargent location, but I did not want to take a chance that we would arrive too late.
    So frustrating...I cannot get itTaxi on my iPhone. Odd. Thanks for giving me the link..just not finding it. But I did add the ChiamaTaxi app!
  11. Sandrac

    Sandrac 10+ Posts

    I use the 060609 number a lot, and the app. But in your case, it might be easiest to schlep to the front of Termini and the official taxi stand there. There is usually a bit of a queue of passengers, and a queue of taxis, and generally you take the first taxi available. But if you are a big group, the biggest taxi gets the job.

    I was in the Termini queue a few days ago, returning from a wedding in the Veneto region, and saw the larger taxis pulling ahead of smaller to accommodate a large family with a lot of luggage.

  12. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    Thanks, Sandra. Maybe I can walk to the front of Termini and get a larger taxi and come back to the rental car office to pick up the others and the luggage. One of our friends would have a rough time schlepping her luggage very far as she has had a recent knee replacement. We will play it by ear.
    Thanks to everyone for the very helpful information!
  13. Andrew

    Andrew 100+ Posts

    My experience in 2006 was that there were taxis on via Giolitti by the exit of Ferrovie del Lazio (the Leonardo Express ended there then) and I got a dishonest one. Again I don't know if this is outdated, but I would do all I could to avoid walkimg with luggage on via Giolitti. The Radisson Blu hotel is right around the corner from the garage, and I don't know if their staff would help.
  14. Mom83

    Mom83 100+ Posts

    Yes, Andrew...I agree. I really do not like the idea of the four of us dragging our luggage down Via Giolitti! 3 of us can stand with the luggage, while one of us looks for a taxi...probably me as I am the only one fairly conversational in Italian!

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