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Train schedules


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According to the Seat 61 site "Booking usually opens 4 months before departure....Booking may open only 1-2 months ahead for travel immediately after the two annual timetable changes, on the 2nd Sunday in June and 2nd Sunday in December. " In late May if the schedule for your dates looks light, it may not be fully loaded. Also when they first load it they may not allocate the low-fare seats yet. If it's a route served by both lines (the main high-speed routes) you can search both Trenitalia and www.italotreno.it .


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Yes, I've had the experience in England with just a partial schedule showing - hard to know if you're not familiar with when and how the schedules are uploaded. The 'new' schedule listed in June is way too early to show all options for late September, so I'll start checking at the end of July and see if additional trains are listed. Thanks.


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Keep an eye out for specials as well. I had been looking at prices for a particular day in March before knowing for sure what time we wanted to travel. I was able to get a SPECIALE FRECCE (non-refundable, non-changeable) ticket with an additional 20% discount code that was only advertised on the Italian version of the web site.

Looking right now at the Italian version of the site https://www.trenitalia.com vs. https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html (the English version) I'm seeing a different 20% discount on some fares with an AMICIZIA23 code on the Italian version, nothing like this on the English version.

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