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Le Marche Travel in Marche?


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Has anyone been to the Marche area recently? My husband and i will be there in 7 weeks. Just curious.

We will stay in Urbino and Pesero several days, and then we plan to drive, train, and bus within the different areas to see natural sites, and small historical areas w good food and wine. Any suggestions?


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We were in Marche for three weeks last May, but more in the Southern end. We rented a fantastic house in the hills near Colmurano - in between Tolentino and Ursibiglia.. That gave us easy access to the Sibillini's, the coast and and the cities and towns in Southern Marche. Ursibiglia has a park of Roman ruins - theater, temple, etc. Ascoli Piceno is a doable day trip. We did some hiking in the Sibillini's - and the Piano Grande. When are you going? The Piano Grande is a spectacular sight in wild flower season (later in June). In the area we were in we found some nice restaurants in Paso Ripe San Ginesio and in Urbisiglia. It's a nice Province to slow-travel for sure.

Giulia da Urbino

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Thank you Bryan!

From Pesaro you can drive north along the coast to enjoy one of the most beautiful seaside areas of this area of the Adriatic: Mt San Bartolo park offers cliffs, nice villages with great views and beautiful nature.
Fano and Senigallia are beautiful towns

From Urbino (DO rent a car!!!) you can visit Urbania and Piobbico with gorgeous drives around Monte Nerone and good walking/trekking if you are into that, the Furlo Gorge with the Roman tunnel, Cagli, Pergola (outstanding Gilded Roman bronzes at the local museum), Frontone and Fonte Avellana monastery by Monte Catria (also great on a hot day and/or for walking and enjoying the company of cows and horses), Mondavio, Barchi and Sorbolongo (tiny walled hilltop towns). Pauline has some great itineraries along the Flaminia Roman road.

If you wish I can suggest a great option for food and wine tours.

Grad to tell you more if you have any specific questions


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This is probably not what you are asking but . . .

If you are interested in Urbino’s history I highly recommend Janet Stephenson’s biography of Federico da Montefeltro, The Light of Italy. Urbino is now high on my list of future places to visit.

I’ve been reading a lot about Italian history, especially middle ages and Renaissance, since visiting the Palazzo Ducale di Mantova with one of our friends from Bologna back in 2021. I realized how little I knew about this history and have been trying to make up for this deficit ever since. That visit to Mantova would have been even more enjoyable if I had some background ahead of time.


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Ciao Mary Ann, I was just there (well, two years ago) researching the Bradt guide to Umbria and the Marche and can only concur with all the above suggestions, and would add Jesi, Fabriano, Fano, Senigallia and Ancona, esp the Museo Nazionale delle Marche which is full of some very strange and wonderful things. It's also fascinating to follow the Charlemagne trail...there is a lot of intriguing evidence suggesting he was in the Marche and not in Trier in Germany (see the Abbazzia San Claudio al Chienti and the Collegiata di San Ginesio in particular). A local priest named Giovanni Carnevale has made finding Carolingian clues in the Marche his life's work--and he's convinced quite a few people (but not the Germans!)
As well as the excellent suggestions above, I would also recommend the southern part of Le Marche which we also toured last summer. Ascoli Piceno is a stunning city, with Roman remains and accessible by frequent trains. Dana's suggestion of Fabriano is super - some years ago we visited the wonderful paper museum, and there is a superb art gallery too within the medieval historic centre - it is also reached by rail.
If you're prepared to venture southwards for natural landscapes and wonderful scenery, Penn251's suggestions for exploring the Sibillini mountains is also excellent. A favourite walk we did was to Eremo di San Leonardo and the Gole dell’Infernaccio - you really need a car to reach the start point though.


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We have stayed twice at San Cristoforo La Casetta (See the Slow Europe Supporters), which is well-positioned for day trips throughout Le Marche. One of the owners of San Cristoforo, Peter Greene, has an excellent guidebook, Le Marche: An Insider's Guide. A couple of my favorites in Le Marche are Urbino and Ascoli Piceno. Senigallia has a great restaurant scene.

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