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Travel insurance: cancel for any reason, includes COVID?


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www.insuremytrip.com is a web site that compares/and recommends travel insurance options to fit your needs. Just plug in your information (destination, dates of travel, cost, etc.) and it will provide numerous recommendations). When you get near the end, there is a link to drill down for covid-19 concerns:

More detailed information is listed on the FAQ's. Hope this helps.


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Another one is squaremouth.com, another insurance search site.

Generally, CFAR policies must be booked around the same time you book your flight. I think it's either the flight or whatever the most expensive part of your booking is.

Of course CFAR policies are more expensive than general travel policies which typically have minimal cancellation coverage and some health coverage.


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We got CFAR insurance in early March for our New Zealand trip from Travelex. It is literally "for any reason" so it didn't matter why we cancelled (which we did, a month ago). It was tacked on top of normal trip insurance. If we'd had to cancel because of sickness, we would have been covered 100%, but the CFAR coverage was only for 75% of the non-refundable trip cost (which ended up not being too bad since it was early enough we could get most things fully refunded, other than our flights within NZ and a few apartment fees). The frustrating thing was that the regular trip insurance doesn't apply even if your destination has closed its borders (as NZ has). So if we didn't have CFAR, we could not have claimed anything if that was the reason we couldn't travel.

Things may have changed now, of course, but my understanding is that if it's CFAR, it will apply if you were to decide you just didn't feel safe traveling. But the coverage may not be for 100% of the costs in that case.

(Also I am still waiting for the claim to be processed-- I get emails once a week or so telling me it's in review but they are overwhelmed so there are delays)

I hope you can find something that works for you!


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One thing to be aware of is restrictions that a country may place on entry. When I was looking for medical evacuation insurance for our trip to South Africa, one company would have covered it but said that they couldn't because they couldn't fly into SA.

This was earlier this year and obviously everything is in flux and may not apply now.


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