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Transportation Trenitalia CartaFreccia: Senior and Youth discounts available from abroad


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As I try to keep informed on matters with Italian trains, my understanding has been that the Senior and Young discounted fares on Trenitalia were not available to non-residents of Italy, first because a card needed to be sent to an Italian address, and then even if people had an address to receive it, the request form required Italian document numbers beyond the Codice Fiscale, which can be generated from a program.

Now I've happened upon a discussion in the Rick Steves forum https://community.ricksteves.com/tr...count-train-tickets-on-trenitalia-for-seniors showing a way of getting it: at https://www.trenitalia.com/it/cartafreccia/assistenza_ai_soci.html#6 even if the page is in Italian expand the last point where in English it gives a link to a form that you can print, fill out, and scan as an email attachment to apply for a CartaFreccia that you can receive by email: the form https://www.trenitalia.com/content/...CCIA/Modulo_CartaFRECCIA_residenti_estero.pdf . Note that only the starred fields need to be completed: if born in the USA I entered in country of birth Stati Uniti d'America; for the province code some in that discussion say to use your 2-letter state code, but I spelled out Estero. For date of birth I used the European DD/MM/YYYY format.

They say to allow 45 days to receive a member number, so start this early if you're thinking of booking a train where this could be useful. The Senior (over 60) or Young (under 30) fares are typically comparable to the Super Economy fares but are more like Economy in restrictions, allowing one change of booking with an upgrade to the Base (full) fare. I've applied and will see when I get a response: the key point is to fill out the paper rather than online form if a non-Italian resident.


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I applied for this online...not paper...and got an email back with the info in about a week.
I didn't end up using it for my trip last Fall, as the trains we took were just Regionale ones with no discounts.
I can see that it would be useful for long reserved journeys.


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I'm getting ready to do this, and now I'm wondering if I need to complete the form for each of us, since we'll need 2 tickets. Does anyone know if I'll be able to apply for one senior discount card, then use it to buy 2 tickets?


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I did a test purchase on the website. When you choose "senior" with two tickets,it asks for a "loyalty code" (carta freccia number) for each person. So it appears you'll each need to apply.


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Yes, and potentially people could be asked to show their cards with the ticket inspection. You would print out an emailed card or put the number on your profile on the Trenitalia app.


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I have had a cartafreccia and used the Trenitalia app for more than 5 years. I had not used the trains during the pandemic but previously the app helped me more than once when I missed a train connection and I could rebook on the app asap.

I just took a frecciarossa, booked senior rate :confused: in business class and was able to use the app to confirm my presence on the train (nobody came around to ask for my ticket afterwards). I also used the app to show my ticket on the intercity connection - no paper needed.

Highly recommend the app if you are traveling by train, I believe it works in multiple languages.


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After sending the form on Feb. 22, I got my account number in an email today, March 16. It was sent in the wee hours for me, and I missed the 3-hour window to reset the password, so I needed to follow another link to get that done.

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