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Trenitalia Economy and Super Economy Tickets Can Now be Made Refundable


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Ever since inaugurating the Economy and Super Economy fare years ago, the Trenitalia Economy and Super Economy promotional fares have always been NON-REFUNDABLE. Now, Trenitalia has exercised foresight and wisdom (in the Covid era) and has made these tickets REFUNDABLE (at the discretion of the purchaser), under these conditions:

1. You must AFFIRMATIVELY SELECT the refundable option "tiRimborso" when purchasing these tickets, and pay a SUPPLEMENT of either 1 Euro (Economy fare) or 2 Euros (Super Economy fare);

2. You must cancel the ticket no more than two days (48 hours???) before the scheduled trip; and

3. You will incur a 10% cancellation forfeiture (much better than a total forfeiture). Your payment card will be refunded, minus the amount of the cancellation forfeiture.

4. The cancellation refund option applies to all FRECCIA, Intercity, Intercity Notte and Eurocity trains operating within Italian territory. The refund option is not available for trains whose Economy or Super Economy fare is 10 Euros or less.


Trenitalia has translated the refund conditions into English:

"Ticket refund option

With the Ticket refund option, Economy and Super Economy tickets are now also refundable!

The Ticket refund option costs €2 for Super Economy and €1 for Economy tickets, and it allows you to request a refund on your ticket up to 2 days before departure with a 10% deduction to the original amount paid.

The total will be credited to the same payment method you used for your original purchase.

The option is valid for Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity, Intercity Notte and Eurocity tickets on national routes. It cannot be purchased for tickets with a total cost equal to or less than €10. The amount paid for the Ticket refund option is non-refundable and does not contribute to the calculation of the refundable or compensable amount."


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A couple of important observations:

The Trenitalia Economy tickets have always been CHANGEABLE (with a surcharge to the "Base" fare), but NOT refundable. Now they can be made REFUNDABLE (minus 10%) by affirmatively selecting the refund option ("tiRimborso") for an additional 1 Euro fee.

The Trenitalia Super Economy tickets have always been BOTH non-changeable AND non-refundable. Now they can be made REFUNDABLE (minus 10%) BUT NOT CHANGEABLE, by affirmatively selecting the refund option for an additional 2 Euro fee.


Don't get fooled by the cheaper "PROMO ESTATE FRECCE" fare which is fully non-refundable and non-changeable. The "tiRimborso" option CANNOT be applied to this particular fare.

The new "tiRimborso" option makes possible traveling on the Trenitalia fast trains (at the Economy and Super Economy fare levels) for a very low fare while retaining the ability to cancel the ticket with a minimal 10% forfeiture, and at a nominal cost of 1 or 2 Euros.

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