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Vacation rental in Torino


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Hi all

I've searched past vacation rental threads on this topic. Because the vacation rentals listed for Torino were so long ago, I am hoping someone has a more recent place to suggest. I am looking for a one bedroom (not a studio) where I hope to stay for over a month, possibly up to six weeks. I'd like a kitchen and bath with shower, a nice sitting area. A washing machine would be nice but not required. I'd like a place close to the center of town but not too noisy, if possible. As are probably most of you in this group, we are quiet seniors, no pets, non-smokers, who take good care of the rentals. We'd also consider a two bedroom if it meets the other criteria. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks
Apologies but I've no experience with longer term rentals in the city.

I will however put in a good word for some of the suburbs in the city as options, as bus/tram links are very good indeed, making getting around pretty effective once you've got some familiarity with the complexity of public transport map (it's a beast, yet also strangely intriguing).

Areas I'd suggest avoiding:
- Between Piazza della Repubblica and Stazione Dora (however being on a bus/tram route to Piazza della Repubblica will be very handy for a longer stay - it's a good big daily market)
- Via Nizza used to be problematic, but I sense it's better these days, and I always found via Sacchi a bit more edgy.
- There were some rough areas in the south of the city, but fwiw the Lingotto area seems decent these days, or at least feels it when we're there.

Areas that might appeal:
- Anywhere in the large ZTL zone will be good
- La Collina if you fancy being in the historically posh part of the city
- La Crocetta for its own down to earth vibe, with a decent market, good shopping and the best chocolate shop IMO (Odilla)
- Down Corso Francia. Most places on the west of the city have felt good to us

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