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Venezia Unica

We have purchased a Travelcard for Venice for 7 days.

We are not able to make our trip and was wondering if anyone knows how long it is good for?
It says that it doesn't start until it's first use, but wondering still if there is an expiration for use.

I want to thank all the people that added their favorite restaurants, to my question for Venice. For some reason, I only received
a message for the first post. I will hang onto them just in case we make plans to be in Venice next year. :(
I think this one, you mentioned, is for 5 years for residents and frequent visitors.

I"m wondering about the tourist pass you can buy for the amount of days needed.
Ours is an ACTV 7 day Travelcard + Airport transfer bus (one way).

It doesn't start until activated, but I'm wondering if there is a time limit to hold onto it before activation.
Will it still be good if we make new plans for next year and it hasn't been activated?
I just found the answer!!!
It's 24 months!!! ( If anyone has the same problem.)

Sorry I didn't find it sooner. We have had so much work cancelling the trip.
I have cancelled vacations before, but cancelling Italy is so sad!


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