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Venice next month


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I am not asking anyone to predict what Venice will be like in October! If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s to not predict what’s going to happen next week, month, etc. But, I have an apartment rented for the middle week of October and am really thinking I should go. I live in Portugal, so will be traveling within the EU.

I know there have been recent travelers and that this forum has at least one member living in Venice and guess I am requesting a bit of a reality check. From what I read, the numbers in that area of Italy still look good. And, the idea of being there without the hordes of cruisers is almost too good to pass up.

Am I missing something obvious that might convince me to stay in Portugal?
Thanks for any and all input - pro or con.


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I was there for 7 nights, in the final week of August. It mostly felt pretty safe (though perceptions of risk are essentially personal): good mask-wearing discipline in shops, tables in restaurants pretty well spaced out. Vaporetti were often crowded (should be better in October) but, again, mask-wearing was almost universal.

Places like the Piazza and Rialto were certainly much emptier that in a usual August, though popular walking routes (station to San Marco, S Marco to Accademia) were quite busy. Many museums and galleries are only open Friday-Sunday, as I remember.

For my journey there, BA LHR-VCE was full, but both airports had plenty of distancing measures enforced. If you've got any more specific questions, do ask!


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Thanks, Jonathan. I booked my flights! After reading your response and talking to a friend who recently flew TAP, I’m going to go for it. I can change my flight free and cancel with refund until 5 October in case the situation takes a significant turn for the worst. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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I'm echoing what Jonathan said. Our visits overlapped by a day, so I was there at the end of August as well. It was easier for me to travel to Venice, since I live in Rome, and I felt very safe in Venice in terms of COVID-19. People were very diligent about their mask wearing, any museums or stores that I entered were very careful about limiting numbers. I hope that you are able to go and have a great time!


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