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Venice Restaurants


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Here are some recs from my most recent visit in 2017. As you may know, most places are very tiny, you should make reservations to be asurred of a table. I've starred my favorites. People eat quite late in Venice, it's not unusual to go to dinner at 9. Chichetti (bar snacks by the piece) are what people eat earlier with a spritz or wine, standing or at the bar.

In Castello:
**CoVino. The little sister of the better known Al Covo. Tiny, must reserve. Lighter takes on traditional dishes, take the 3 course menu.

Near San Marco:
Osteria da Carla. Old school

Osteria Ai Artisti. Modern Venetian, good.
La Bitta. No seafood, good meat. Cash only.
**Estro. Great wine bar and excellent food. Also good for a lighter meal in fun surroundings.

Near Rialto:
Two bars for Chichetti (fancy snacks, good for lunch or before a later dinner)
All Arco
Cantina do Mori

**Osteria Ai Promessi Sposi. Excellent food, informal and busy, I love their scallops and Frito misto.
**Vini Da Giigio. My favorite! Reserve several days in advance. Scallop appetizer superb.
Pizzeria Trattoria Casa Mia. Good pizza.
Osteria Alla Fresca. Has quiet patio, nice food (I've found their secondi stronger than their primi) and staff.
Algiobagio. On the Lagoon, has nice terrace on the water. Pricey but good.
Osteria L'Orto die Mori
Anice Stellato. Traditional and reliable.


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Estro is my personal favorite. Great crudo platter. Fabulous selection of wines by the glass.
Promessi Sposi--Probably need a reservation for this trattoria style place. Good fritto misto and deliciously rich vegetarian lasagne.
We were in Venice for 2 weeks this year, in May. We found Anice Stellato was less good than previously. Then heard they had changed hands.
Vini da Gigio is also a favorite of ours. Ask the server what's fresh and good.

Alle Testiere, my favorite for straight Venetian seafood, Co Vino--and Al Covo-- really need reservations.
My favorite fritto misto of this last trip was at Trattoria Veccio on Burano.

In fact, most popular places will need some advance booking.

My mouth is watering just remembering these meals!


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We spent 3 weeks in Venice in April. To Amy's and Jan's recs, I would add Antiche Carampane, which along with Vini da Gigio are our favs.


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Another vote for Ai Promessi Sposi. We’ve eaten well there several times. Nearby are Osteria Giorgione and Trattoria da Bepi già 54, both recommendations from a local who knew we were staying in Cannaregio. Good food at both; plus, a lively and interesting owner at the latter.

Alle Testiere was one of our best meals during our last trip to Venice, late January 2016. Their menu is available online, in case you want to avoid any surprises re cost. Alla Frasca had just reopened when we were there. We were disappointed but I don’t recall any details. Perhaps, the kitchen had not found its groove after vacation??

After a few very good meals at Anice Stellato years ago, we then had a poor experience. Mediocre mains and an inedible cake, compounded by indifferent service and a complete lack of concern about our disappointment. I’m pretty sure this was before the reported change in ownership.

As far as cicchetti, cantine del vino già schiavi in dorsoduro gets a lot of well deserved attention, but if you continue walking on Fondamenta Nani towards the zattere, you will reach Osteria Squero. Excellent cicchetti and wine choices. It is across the canal from the Squero di San Trovaso, the gondola builder.

Can’t wait until we are back in Venice next month. Enjoy!


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Another Osteria da Carla recommendation. We stumbled upon this gem on our last trip and had a fantastic lunch. We hope to have at least one meal there during our February trip.


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We are in Venice at present and have another 3 weeks.
The two meals that have stood out so far -
Estro and Ai Artiste.
Returning to Estro tomorrow night.
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We were at Estro last night and had a great meal. Worth mentioning that the wine list is devoted to natural wines, another plus as far as we’re concerned.

Ai Promessi Sposi - again excellent. If you do not have a reservation and cannot get in, try Ombra1, a few feet away. We had a wonderful experience with the owner, Gianpaolo, tasting wine before our dinner at Sposi. We had an “educational” wine and food tasting lunch a couple of days later. He returned to his native Veneto after years as a chef/co-owner of a Michelin starred restaurant in Rimini.

Cicchetti and vino at Do Mori, perfection.

Alle Testiere good, but not great; some of the grilled fish was a little dry.
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There is a series on Netflix called "Somebody Feed Phil" which is very enjoyable and he recently did a whole show on Venice. Very charming, made me want to go back soon! He was the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond. We loved Al Covo when we were last in Venice, so much so that we ate there three times. We had lunch at Antiche Carampane which is a haunt of Commisario Brunelli in the Donna Leone series. It was a Saturday and there where lots of vendors from the fish market tucking into the delicious food.
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Kathy (Trekcapri)

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I really loved Hostaria Osottoosopra
Address: Dorsoduro 3740-411, Venezia 30123
Tel: 333.8027830

It is located very near to Campo Santa Margherita. It is small restaurant but the food is fresh & very delicious. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. It is a family run restaurant and the owner is very friendly and accommodating. We loved it here so much we ate there everyday during our stay (6 nights). They just opened when we visited and I've heard that they have gotten busy so dinner reservations would be recommended. My favorite meal was their shrimp scampi with porcine mushrooms. They do have a Facebook page.


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Does anyone have some favorite restaurants in Venice?
We were just there, in Sept., for the 3rd year in a row and the umpteenth time. We finally got to eat at la Zucca and it was one of the best meals I've ever had in Venice. Pasta with gorgonzola and pistachios was amazing. It's quite small so you do need to reserve. Other good meal we had was at Zanze XVI. Limited to chef's special menus, but great service and enjoyable food. Opt out of the wine tasting, though. It's better to just order or bring your own bottle. Trattoria Nonni is another favorite that's filled with locals.


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