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Venice, Rome, Positano

Hello! We are leaving tomorrow on our trip and I wanted to start a thread to post what I can as I go. Since I am typing on a phone it won't be too wordy but I hope to add more details when I return to my laptop. I will try to share a few photos as we go if the wifi works!

I will test my photo upload ability here! Hopefully it works?

We will arrive Venice October 2, Rome October 7, and Positano October 9. Then home to Maine on the 13th. Traveling are me, my husband Bob and my mom.

We are here!

After some drama with a cancelled flight we ended up arrived at the airport at 11:30 and eventually made our way to the Airbnb where we will stay four nights. It's a perfect location for us, on Rio romite in Dorsoduro.
We walked to the zattere and had a relaxing late lunch at Pizzaria Ok looking out over the glittering water. Then on to get groceries- I always enjoy shopping in foreign grocery stores and seeing all the different brands. After we dropped off the groceries we got our first gelato of the trip at gelato squero which is very near the apartment! Mom who is vegan was even able to get a vegan pistachio!

Mom and Bob headed home to rest but I need to wear myself out more so I spent some time wandering Dorsoduro before finally retiring for the night.

Today (Tues October 2) is gray but Venice is still gorgeous. I went out for some pastries which we sampled for breakfast. We have no fixed plans for the day but may go see if the line for Saint Marks is not bad.

(Photos are not working right. Going to try making an album and adding from there in a new post)
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Trying photos again in a new message...

From the boat on our way in.

View from our apartment

Dinner at Oke

First gelato at Gelato Squero

I was tempted by the myth inspired Damien Hirst exhibit near Santa Maria d. salute but not 18 Euros tempted... so I just admired this scupture outside...
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Okay I figured out how to upload multiple photos at once!

Venice Day Two (October 2):

I went out on my own early and headed to Tonolo (and another shop near it that I didn't record the name of) to get pasties for us to sample at breakfast. They were delicious!
I enjoyed seeing a bit more if the S. Polo sestiere including kids going to school and other non tourists (or so I assumed).

Then we headed off on foot to Saint Mark's Square, walking the 15 or so minutes over Accademia Bridge. It was hideously crowded so we just kept right on going and instead visited the much more peaceful San Zaccaria. The Bellini there is a sentimental favorite of mine as it is was featured in a favorite book of mine. We also paid extra to see the special collection and crypt and it was well worth the price. Very atmospheric! And hardly anyone else there....

Then we wandered and got lost and eventually followed WC signs to the Rialto.

By then we were starving and foot sire so we made a random stop at Osteria Ai Storri, which ended up being a perfect spot for us. Friendly service and food food, including a vegan options for my mom!

After that we headed to the Frari for more Bellini. I prefered Zaccaria for it's quiet and peace and crypt!

Then finally home to recuperate and have some pumpkin gnocchi and sauce and salad from the store.
[Edited to add more details]

We headed out on October 3 for Ca'Rezzonico. Along the way we spotted this good doggo:

There were actually dogs everywhere in Venice-- many off leash-- all appearing quite well behaved that we could see. Since we are all "dog people" and already missing our own pup, we enjoyed the chance to see so many Italian dogs.

Ca'Rezzonico was beautiful and stunning, and conveniently only a short walk from our apartment. I had wanted to see it anyways, but as an added benefit, we were able to get our Museum Passes there with no line, which we used the following day to visit the Doge's Palace as well.

I myself tend to appreciate beautiful architecture, decor, and atmospheric spaces more than I appreciate paintings, so I really enjoyed that Ca'Rezzonico wasn't just an art museum, but that the space itself was so cool to explore. We spent our time ambling around the gorgeous rooms, reading the helpful English information cards (they had several languages available in each room), and taking photos.

After we were full of beauty in spirit, we decided to fill our corporal forms with some delicious kosher food at Gam Gam's. It was an easy trip via the Number 1 Vaporetto, then a short walk. The food was really good! We started with fried artichokes in a tahini sauce, and latkes with applesauce, then Mom had an eggplant and chickpea meal, I had the vegetarian pasticcio, and Bob had pasta with some sort of fish. We really appreciate all the vegetarian and vegan options! We also got a nice performance by some musicians (violin and accordion) who came by busking at the tables.

After lunch we headed back via the Number 1 Vaporetto to Saint Mark's Square, where we found some delicious gelato (at Venchi's I believe, which is a chain but had my favorite pistachio of the entire trip). We wandered a bit more before arriving for our Skip-the-line entry to the Basilica. I had purchased this the previous night, after we saw how long the lines were. I'd actually gone back early in the morning as well to see if the lines were shorter, but even an hour early folks were already lining up! So the two euros each to walk right in was totally worth it in my opinion. And it was easy to use my phone and show our pass to the guard.

We headed in and took our time, stepping to the side and letting the faster visitors past us. My previous visit (2009) I felt like I had to keep moving at the speed of the people around me and ended up feeling frustrated with my experience, especially after I had stood in line (and had people CUT in front of us while waiting). This time I decided to prioritize my own enjoyment. We also paid the extra to see the treasury and the upstairs (but not the Pala D'Oro). My favorite part of the visit was going upstairs and sitting in the balcony (with only a few other visitors) and having the time to really enjoy the mosaics. Having entered at four, I think we ended up leaving at five when it closed, which was the perfect amount of time for us.

Then we headed home for a quiet dinner in the apartment, to charge up for another day.
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[Edited to add details]

October 4: Doge's Palace, Lido, Ca'Pesaro, Museum of Natural History.

This was our last full day in Venice, alas! I headed out for a solo exploration in the misty overcast morning. I wanted to check that we could take a different vaporetto line from the Zattere stop over to near St Marks, and indeed I could, which would come in handy later. I also checked some other info to make sure my plans for later in the day made sense.

I think I took one of the 5.1 or 5.2 (one goes clockwise, the other counter) and got off at the S. Zaccaria stop, then explored up toward the gardens. I saw some cool art installations along the way and enjoyed some people and dog watching. I wandered up toward the Arsenale then back again, stopping for some pastries (and a bathroom stop) and groceries before retracing my vaporetto route home.

Once everyone else was up, we headed back out via the same route, but this time our destination was the Doge's Palace. Last visit (2009) Bob and I did the Secret Itineraries tour, which we enjoyed. This time we decided to go at our own pace and just see the standard exhibits. It's such a dramatic building, and there is almost too much to see. I myself enjoyed just standing in some of those enormous halls and trying to imagine what they must have been like when in use.

One of the highlights of the visit was a special exhibit of gemstones and jewelry on display in one of the large halls. No photos allowed, so all I have is the poster!

It was a stunning presentation-- a vast shadowy room, with black velvet displays clustered in the center filled with glittering diamonds and gold. I quite literally felt dizzy looking at some of them! And in the center of the room there was a sort of golden veil of beads that hung from ceiling to floor, with cases holding some of the treasures in the center. Very atmospheric!

After the Palace, we caught a vaporetto to the Lido, which we'd never visited before, with plans to find an Indian restaurant for a change of pace.

A short walk inland and we found the Buddha Bar, where we enjoyed a really delicious meal of samosa and curries!

I also loved getting to see this amazing Art Noveau hotel! I wished I could have seen inside...

We walked onward to the beach just to see what it was like (a bit overcast and discarded, with everything closed up for the season save for the Mexican-themed bar) before returning via the Number 1. We took this all the way to Ca'Pesaro, where we used our Museum Pass to pop in and glimpse a few highlights. I also got a really cool view from the third floor exhibit room window!

We also stopped by the Natural History museum (using the pass) which was quite impressive for a small museum, before heading home.

We got gelato from Gelateria Nico, on the Zattere, but I was not impressed and did not finish my pistachio, choosing instead to go back to GROM for this amazing candied chestnut and meringue flavor. One of the very best of the trip!

Bob and I went back out at some point (I can't recall if it was this night, or the previous) after dark, and I got a tiny aperol spritz in a plastic cup from one of the cicchetti bars near our apartment, because we had all been curious after seeing SO MANY people drinking it. Sadly to me it tasted like orange-flavored cough medicine! I don't really like the taste of alcohol so I guess that isn't surprising. I did, however, enjoy my tiny bite of bread with goat cheese and pumpkin I got to go with it!

And that was our last night!
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We made it to Rome! As I type this we are preparing to leave after a too brief three night stay. The weather has been glorious!

I wasn't sure I'd like Rome as I wasn't a big fan of Florence, but I ended up loving it within a few hours. I definitely want to return for a longer stay.

Our first evening we took a stroll from our apartment on Via Bologna across Ponte Sisto to the Pantheon, then Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiore and then to Dar Poeta right around the corner from our apartment for dinner.

On our second day in Rome (first full day) my Mom and I climbed Janiculum Hill for stunning views. Then we collected Bob and went out for lunch at Jaipur which was delicious. Then we braved a packed bus to go to the Colosseum for our small tour with Walks of Italy. The guide was fantastic and really made everything come alive. It seemed like a perfect time of day too, ending just as the sun began sinking. I only wish we had more time and energy to see more of the Forum and Palantine area.

Then we busses back to Trastevere and had Fatamorgana gelato, and wandered home through the festive and lively streets. We had supper in the apartment and rested up for more adventure.

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I'm back home in Maine, USA now, but going to try to catch up on this journal. I hope to eventually write up more detailed notes but I'll do a short version with photos for now, one post per day as I have been.

Our second (last) full day in Rome, I went out early for a walk and saw the Torre Argentina ruins where the cat sanctuary is. Not many cats visible but it was fun trying to spot them!

Then on past the Victor Emmanuel Monument, beautiful in the early morning sunlight.

I headed over to the Trevi Fountain, which was much less busy but still popular at 8:30AM

I stopped at the Pantheon and was the fourth person in (after waiting in a line for about 15 minutes before it opened). It was lovely to be there with a smaller, quieter crowd.

Then I headed back to the apartment, stopping by the Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori along the way. I stopped for a delicious pastry at the shop right around the corner from our apartment. Not sure what it is called but it was made of flaky pastry with a filling that tasted like Nutella, and was all caramelized and crispy outside. Yum!

Bob was not quite ready to go so I headed out on a second solo walk over toward the Villa Farnesina, checking out the old Roman wall/arch along the way. I didn't actually pay admission but I walked into the common area to admire the gardens I could see, and also explored the first two floors of the Accademia Nazionale across the street that is part of the museum too. The collection is on the second (in US terminology) floor so I walked up the giant staircases and admired the architecture and decorative sculptures, and got some nice views of the garden out the window. I was excited to hear and catch glimpses of the green parrots! Sadly the Horticultural Garden was closed on Sunday.

I picked up Mom and Bob and we headed out a bit after noon to see Santa Maria church, a short walk from our apartment. The exterior was being renovated but the inside was gorgeous from floor to ceiling. We also were fascinated by the pieces of broken marble embedded in the walls.

We wandered on, heading toward the same bus we had taken the day before with the plan of visiting San Clemente that afternoon. Bob picked a random restaurant along the way where we had a delicious meal. I finally got to try Cacio e Pepe and found it delicious. I also enjoyed the sauteed broccolini I ordered on the side.

A few random things that also caught my attention:

After lunch we caught our bus and got off near the Colosseum, then took the short walk over to San Clemente. It was very busy with at least two tour groups, and sadly the mosaics in the main church were being restored and thus were not visible. But the underground section was amazing, and large enough we could escape the crowds eventually. It's fascinating to see the 4th century Basilica underneath the current one, and the even older Mithraeum. No photos allowed though! Afterwards we rested in the peaceful cloister area outside.

We headed back via the bus, stopping for a second time at Fatamorgana for gelato, and then at Banco Fast Food for take home dinners. Lots of vegan options! My burger was too salty (too much tahini sauce) but Bob's noodles were great, and the food all seemed high-quality and fresh.

We had a relaxing evening at home, resting up and packing for our next destination: the Amalfi Coast!
On Monday October 9 we departed Rome. Our AirBnB host arranged a taxi to take us to the train station, so we didn't have to struggle with our luggage on the cobblestones and tram. Definitely worth the ~16 euros! We also took a taxi to the apartment when we first arrived. I had been nervous hearing stories of people getting cheated but both times our drives seemed to be on the up-and-up...

We waited in the upstairs cafe area (Mom found a vegan croissant!) and then headed down to find our train. We were in the very, very last car so it was a good thing we started walking out (looking at the overhead displays that list which car will be where) before the train arrived! It was not nearly as crowded as the train from Venice to Rome had been, and before we knew it we were in Naples. I'd arranged a driver via Astarita, and we found him waiting with a sign with my name right at the arrival area. Guiseppe was an excellent driver and we had a good experience overall with the service (he also picked us up on our last day to take us to the airport at 5 AM).

I had decided that our best option to see Pompeii this trip was to do so en route from Naples to Positano, even though it cost extra for the driver to wait for us. But I am glad we did it that way-- it was a good break from sitting in the train/car, and nice not to have to rely on the SITA bus and Circumvesuviana train, especially since my mom was with us. And while we did not see everything at the site, three hours was about as much as we could handle. Even my feet were aching by the end of the visit, from walking on the large uneven stones!

I hope that we can return again to see some of the sites we missed, especially the plaster casts which we never did track down! I think next time we might stay in Naples, or Sorrento, or Salerno perhaps, and dedicate three full days to Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Archaeology Museum... But for this trip, a short visit was perfect!

Then it was on to Positano, for our final four nights in Italy. The drive was gorgeous and breathtaking. I was very glad I was not the one driving though!

We reached Positano at around 4:30, and lugged our bags down the 100 steps to our apartment near Chiesa Nuova. We went out one more time, down another 100 steps or so to get groceries.

We had a peaceful dinner in the apartment, enjoying the views from the terrace!

October 10, Tuesday, our first full day in Positano, we headed out via ferry to Capri. The weather was gorgeous when we started off, but turned cloudy and rainy later in the afternoon. Even so we had a wonderful time!

We relied heavily on the local Positano bus system during our stay, given that we were relatively high up on the hill. It worked out fine-- there were buses about every half-hour, and the stop was right down below Chiesa Nuova. Of course we still needed to descend 100 steps or so! But otherwise the location was convenient! Especially since you could also catch the SITA bus and the Montepertuso/Nocelle buses there too.

Once we found our way to the docs, we took the 11 AM ferry to Capri (and purchased our return tickets at the same time just to be safe). The trip was incredibly scenic, with views of the rocky, mountainous coast and glittering sea. And some nice views of Positano itself!

I especially liked the little church (?) way up on top of this mountain:

Once at the Marina Grande in Capri I headed for the office of one of the boat companies and got us tickets on a round-the-island tour that was leaving shortly. I hadn't necessarily planned to visit the Blue Grotto since I knew there might be a long wait and it was very $$ for only a few minutes of experience, but the heat of the moment swept me up (plus Mom and Bob wanted to do it) so away we went.

Even without the Blue Grotto, the island tour was well worth the price (18 Euros). We stopped at the Green and White grottos, and got to see all the amazing rock formations along the shore.

But when we reached the Blue Grotto, the wait was going to be TWO HOURS to get in... so the captain announced we would return to the port and then anyone who wanted to come back later could come on a different boat, so the other folks who didn't want to wait could continue on. This ended up working out fine for us, since we used the delay to get sandwiches from one of the bars for lunch (about 7 euros each and big enough for two meals, so not bad, but offset by the 4 euro sodas!). We then caught a new boat for attempt #2 at the Blue Grotto, going directly there rather than on the round-the-island tour. We did end up waiting for some time, perhaps an hour, but finally we had our chance! We manouvered into the small rowboat that drew up next to our ferry, and the crew helped us in (normally it is four to a boat but we had just the three of us). Then we paid the additional 14 euros at the ticket boat, and headed in.

It was short, but magical, and I am glad we did it even though it took up so much time and money! The experience was like nothing else I've seen: the blue glow of the water really is magical and overwhelming, at least for me. Based on the reaction of other folks on the boat, it seemed like about half of them agreed, and half thought it was not worth it, so I guess it really depends on the person!

It was raining when we came out (we were the last from our boat) and we headed back to Marina Grande. We still had a few hours until our return ferry, so we took the funicular up to Capri. Sadly we didn't have enough time to find our way to Anacapri or any of the sights, so it was a little anticlimactic! Just a lot of damp tourists jammed together in a maze of small twisty passages lined with expensive stores. I'd love to return and see it in better weather, when I could navigate properly!

We had some gelato and then headed back down to catch our ferry home! We had supper in the apartment, supplemented in my case by my first (but not last) sflogliatella pastry. SO good! This one was traditional, stuffed with ricotta flavored with citrus.

October 11th! One of the things I was MOST anticipating from this vacation was getting to visit Ravello. After seeing the photos I just knew I had to visit Villa Rufalo and Villa Cimbrone, and they did not disappoint! It was a bit of a challenge to get there, but worth it in the end.

We had to take the internal bus down from our apartment to the lower city, then walk down to the ferry dock, where we took a 25 minute ride to Amalfi. The weather was clear and blue and we thoroughly enjoyed a chance to see the coastline from the water (going the opposite way as we had taken to reach Capri the previous day).

Once in Amalfi, we scrambled to find the bus stop and a tabacchi to get bus tickets. In retrospect, I think we would have been better off splurging on the 10 euro City Bus tickets-- or even just the 5 euro for the way up-- because the SITA bus was SO PACKED with people and it was madness trying to get on when it arrived.

I had the worst experience of my trip at this time, sadly. There was an older Italian man who had parked his scooter right in front of the bus and was there chatting with his grandson (I think) when it arrived. The crowd surged toward the bus meaning we all had to sort of scramble around his bike to reach it, and I accidentally kicked a paper shopping bag he had put down on the ground at the end of the bike (which I had not seen, given the press of the crowd). Before I knew what was happening he was shouting at me in Italian and physically shoved me quite hard! I tried to be polite and simply picked up the bag and handed it to him, while Bob said something a little sharper. I think I was in shock and too distracted trying to get onto the bus to really register what happened. But once we were on board I basically broke down, devastated by being yelled at and physically assaulted. It was a good thing it was a long drive to Ravello I guess, since it gave me time to recover. Other than him, all the Italians we met were wonderful, though, and I eventually got over it and had a good rest of the day.

We visited Villa Rufalo first as it's right there once you make your way through the tunnel from the bus stop. It was beautiful and magical and I could have spent another couple hours there just enjoying that gorgeous view! I also appreciated that they had classical music playing over speakers throughout the buildings and gardens, which added to the lush atmosphere.

We took a break in one of the outside cafes after that, sampling some sort of fried pastry with chocolate filling and cream that was very good. Then it was on to Villa Cimbrone, which took a bit more effort to reach! It was worth it though! The Infinity Terrace was everything I hoped it would be. I would love to come back and stay overnight in Ravello so I could visit first thing and try to reach it before anyone else. But even with other tourists there, it is so impressive!

We then headed back to catch a bus to Amalfi. I used some of the waiting time to check out the Oscar Niemeyer auditorium as I am a fan of his design. I was the only one there on the open terrace which only added to the somewhat surreal experience of that view combined with such a weird, striking, space-aged building!

Our bus home was considerably less crowded, and we arrived just in time to make a ferry back to Positano. We had a nice view of the lowering sun as we went.

We stopped for dinner at a place whose name I can't recall-- my gnocchi in a creamy sauce didn't have much flavor, but everyone else's food was tasty, and they have some lovely desserts and baked goods!

Okay, last full day, October 12! We decided to spend this just in Positano, relaxing. For Bob and Mom, that meant a leisurely morning at home. For me it meant fortifying myself with a cool European yogurt:

Then taking an early bus to Nocelle and hiking part of the Path of the Gods.

This ended up being one of the highlights of my entire trip! It was so stunning, so peaceful, so awe-inspiring! I really wish I'd been able to do the entire thing! But alas, my schedule only allowed me to go out about a mile or two, then back again.

I saw some of the local pack mules right after arriving in Nocelle.

Then I followed the very clear signs to the trail itself, passing through the odd, narrow, "streets" of Nocelle. It was about 7:45 when I started and I saw practically no one.

One of the nice things about the path was that it wasn't ALL UP ALL THE TIME, but rather would go up to a nice lookout, then down into a darker gully, then up again. At least for the part I was on! So it gave my legs a break from all one sort of movement.

I was really intrigued by this small stone hut I found partway along the hike-- an old shepherd's house? I took a photo out the window.

I could smell these wild cyclamen on and off as I went, especially in the darker, leafy passages. It mixed with the hint of smoke from fires burning below (farmers burning brush maybe?)

The only "friend" I met on my hike, until I was almost back to Nocelle:

I wish I had gone further! Because in the end I got back to Nocelle 45 min early for the next bus, and made the (foolish) decision to take the stairs down to Positano. Thinking that downhill would be "easy." Heh. By the time I got to the bottom my legs were jelly and THEN I had to walk all the way along the road back to the center of town to catch the bus there. Oops. I did see some nice flowers in Nocelle!

After I finally made it home, we all headed back down to the beach for lunch with a view. We got pizzas from the informal cafe associated with the Hotel Covo dei Saraceni, which was tasty.

Then we headed off along the walkway to the smaller second beach so I could go swimming and Mom could put her feet in the water while Bob relaxed at the Hotel Pupetto beachside restaurant.

The water was glorious! Like blue-green glass, and plenty warm for me (I am from Maine where the ocean is considerably colder). I didn't buy a chair or umbrella, just claimed a spot on the pebbles to leave my towel while I went in. The hardest part of swimming was actually getting back up to the shore-- the pebbles were REALLY hard to walk on and I practically had to crawl up from the water's edge! But it was worth it!

We rejoined Bob and enjoyed some delicious lemon-granita-iced-tea drinks that I am still dreaming of. Once we'd had enough, we ambled back home to have dinner at home and an early night.

I set my alarm for 4AM, as we were expecting a driver to pick us up at 5AM. Unfortunately I woke at 3 and couldn't fall back asleep so I just got up! It was a looooong day. Our same driver Guiseppe from Monday returned to collect us and take us to the Naples Airport. It was a smooth easy drive, and I would use Astarita Car Service again!

We found that we probably could have arrived a bit later though. We were at the airport at 6:15 and the checkin did not even open until 7! We had some baked goods and tea and waited with the other Americans who had also gotten there three hours early for the flight...!

Eventually we checked in, and all was well (unlike our flight out which ended up changed at the last minute due to a cancellation). We had one last view of Vesuvius to send us on our way!

Some overall thoughts:

I loved Venice just as much as our last visit (2009). It's a gorgeous city unlike anything else I've seen, and there are still many aspects of it I would love to explore. That said, it felt even more crowded than last time we visited (which was at the same time of the year). I really did not enjoy being in Saint Mark's with so many other people. But once we got away from the central tourist areas it was great!

I adored Rome and would go back in a heartbeat. I loved how compact the city was-- even staying in Trastevere we could walk to a lot of the sites, and it was easy to reach the others by bus. We had glorious weather, which probably helped, but it really did have such a vibrant, colorful feel! There is SO MUCH to see that we only barely scratched the surface, and I can't wait to explore more.

Pompeii, likewise, was overwhelming in how much it offered. I don't think we could have managed more than the three hours we spent there, though, without a long rest! Walking on those giant cobblestones was tough. I would love to go back and stay somewhere right along the Circumvesuviana train line, and just spend a couple days visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum and the museum in Naples.

Positano, Capri and Ravello were all gorgeous and atmospheric. There's something about standing high, high above the sea, with your entire vision filled with blue-- ocean and sky-- that fills my heart like nothing else I've ever experienced. That said, I do feel like we saw quite a bit of what this area had to offer, and I am not sure I'd be in a hurry to return, much as I would love to hike the full Path of the Gods. But I feel like I'd rather put my energy into somewhere new, perhaps Sicily or even Greece. Not that I'd say no if someone handed me a vacation to Capri!

Food-wise, my favorite things were the sfogliatella, the gelato from Venchi and from Grom, the cacio e pepe I had in Rome, the samosas from Jaipur, the fried artichokes from Gam Gam, and the curry chicken pizza Bob got from Pizza Oke in Venice. Oh, and the really delicious salad I got at the Amsterdam airport on the way home! Roasted potatoes and mushrooms and greens with citrus vinagrette! I also really enjoyed a lot of our simple meals at home.

I'm already starting to think about a return trip to Rome, though it may or may not be my next vacation. But definitely sooner rather than later!

Thanks to everyone here for sharing your advice and trip reports and other valuable info that was so helpful in planning my trip! If you have any specific questions please let me know!
Great diary of your fantastic trip. We are headed to AC in Oct. We were there last year and loved it. Do you remember the name of the Capri island boat tour that you took? If so, would you recommend it. We are going to Capri and want an island boat tour.Thanks
Great diary of your fantastic trip. We are headed to AC in Oct. We were there last year and loved it. Do you remember the name of the Capri island boat tour that you took? If so, would you recommend it. We are going to Capri and want an island boat tour.Thanks
I'm afraid I didn't write it down, sorry! It was one of the places right there at the port where the ferry from Positano dropped us off. We just went to the nearest place with a "Blue Grotto Tour" and went for it. I think there are a lot of tour boats and they are all pretty similar from what I could see when we got to the BG and all the boats are hanging around waiting their turn to transfer their passengers to the small rowboats.


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