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Venice with Kids

Thanks again to everyone who chimed in regarding inspiration in Italy. We have decided this October to take the kids week off of school in Venice. This trip will take a bit of research to avoid the touristy schlock that the city is suffering from, but we will make it sure.

So, Venice! What should I know about the city? What should we do, where should we eat, and what should we know? We are travelling with a 1, 6, and and 8 year old. Obviously, the 1 year old will be along for the ride, but the others need to have a great time.

Any advice will be appreciated.

BUMP! We are three weeks from our trip to Venice. Here is what we have locked in place during our week.

1. Kids walking tour and treasure hunt following the steps of Marco Polo
2. How Venice Works tour and workshop at Ca' Rezzonico
3. Spend a day Island hopping by Ferry followed by the glass bead workshop at the Murano Glass Museum.

I also want to see the naval museum and the armory.

Not on the list? Doge's Palace. I'll leave that to the tourists. ;)

What else should we consider? Any suggestions on where to eat or do?



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