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Accommodations Villa in Tuscany


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I would like to plan to rent a Villa in Tuscany, Italy next year 2023 in the Spring. Can anyone recommend the best Villa to rent for my family for three to four weeks? What recommendations from anyone's experiences?


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That's a pretty broad question. Can you help us to help you by narrowing it down at bit?

For example, where in Tuscany? It's a big area.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you require?

What other amenities do you want (private pool, shared pool, pizza oven, etc.)?

Is an apartment in a large villa okay or must it be a stand alone house?

Here's one resource to get you started, Summer in Italy: https://www.summerinitaly.com/villas/tuscany

I've rented from them and they are great to work with, excellent follow up and they know the properties they represent.


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Thank you for your response and the questions.
1. a villa outside of the Florence area
2. 3-4 bedrooms with two bathrooms.
3. a private pool would be nice, with a kitchen
4. a stand alone house

Your suggestions would be appreciated.



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I second the recommendation for Summer in Italy. They are a good agency. We’ve used them several times. I have a list of other agencies here:



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Thank you very much for the advice and counseling. I am looking for a villa not too far outside of Florence. My family is 6 adults and 2 children (8 and 2 years old).
I would like to stay 2-3 weeks.
Any more recommendations?


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Can you react to the suggested one, so we know what's important to you?

For example, that villa is about 15 km/10 miles from downtown Florence. Too far? Not far enough?

Is the price about right, or more than you expect to pay?

There is a bus line fairly close to get to Florence, the ride would be about 40 minutes. Is public transit necessary or will you use a car?



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Villa Lacustre, San Casciano in Val di Pesa is beautiful and close enough to Florence to drive to (10 miles). It appears to meet all of our needs.
I do not see the price - what is the daily/weekly price?


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When I look at that link I see a price. I put in dates for one week in May 2023 and get €2363 for the price.


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