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Travel notes and articles for countries without their own forum. Articles posted must be approved by the Admin before they are published.
The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 countries. It operates an internal (or single) market which allows free movement of goods, capital, services and people between member states. As of 2021 the following countries are in the EU: Countries followed by * have their own forums on Slow Europe. The rest are grouped in the Other Countries forum. Austria * Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Republic of Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France * Germany * Greece...
Hi. My name is Pavel, I’m from Belarus. If you like traveling, the cleanest air, beautiful nature and animals I’d like to suggest you one such place. It is called Naliboki forest. Here you can read about this place. It is a large forest complex in northwestern Belarus which has area of 2400 square kilometers. It consists of pines and firs and that is why it has healing air for lungs. There are lots of rivers, lakes and swamps. Some rivers are good for kayaking. There are lots of mushrooms...
Israel is a popular tourist destination. People travel to Israel for many reasons. For people from a Jewish background it can be a chance to visit the modern Jewish state built on their biblical homeland. For other religious people it can be a trip to see the places in their religious texts. Tourists interested in archaeology are drawn to Israel where many ancient sites are well preserved. People seeking outdoor adventures go there for hiking. While many people go on organized tours, it is...
This article was sent to us from Erez Speiser, Israel By Foot, hike-israel.com The most striking feature of Israel's landscape is its variety. This tiny area has a dramatic desert in the South and the green Galilee mountains in the North. Two areas that are so different, but you can drive from one to the other in less than 3 hours. When to come to Israel for Hiking? Israel has a very dry and hot summer that is not attractive for hiking and in some areas even dangerous. The fall is still...
We are going to Jerusalem next week and I am reading the Amos Oz novel Tales of Love and Darkness. In Chapter 7 the family walks from Kerem Avraham, a poor neighborhood north of the city center, to Talpiot, an affluent neighborhood outside the city, south of the German Colony. The novel is set in 1940's Jerusalem. In the novel the family was walking (on the Sabbeth) to visit their famous literary uncle, Joseph Klausner. The book is partly autobiographical as Oz's uncle was Joseph Klausner...
A rainy day in Antwerp just makes you pray that the next day will be sunny because it’s such a beautiful place for strolling, and you find yourself gazing wistfully at all the dripping wet café chairs stacked up outside bistros facing little squares. The historic center of the town has been filled with designer shops built into old houses, those narrow brick buildings with stepped facades at the top. It’s a town that likes its statues, and every little cobblestoned square and corner seems to...

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