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  1. BryanS


    A little change of the current travel subjects...why has Matera dropped off the travel radar so quickly? For the last two years Matera, European Cultural Capital 2019, has been a focal point of travel articles and visitors from Italy and beyond. We were in Matera in January and February, well...
  2. BryanS

    Basilicata Frederick II Castles of Basilicata

    One of the things I find fascinating about Europe and especially Italy are the castles. Real Castles! I take every opportunity in our travels to visit them whenever possible. Our small mountain village does not have a castle but that does not mean you will not find them in our home region of...
  3. Lucano


    I'm cute
  4. Micio


  5. Lucano with Pauline's toy

    Lucano with Pauline's toy

    Pauline knitted this toy for me :)
  6. Valerie

    Basilicata Basilicata in a Nutshell

    TASTES The region’s most iconic foods – Bread. The bread is made with semola flour, often cooked in a wood oven. Crunchy on the outside, firm but tender on the inside and delectable, it’s what bread ought to be! Peperoni Cruschi. Long, thin sweet peppers that are dried in the sun then fried...
  7. BryanS

    You know you are in Italy when...

    You know you are in Italy when...You are in a bar with a carabinieri marshal and an engineer for an aperitivo and the only topic of conversation is the best location to find wild mushrooms and wild asparagus. :p
  8. BryanS

    Matera and Basilicata becoming more popular.

    This article from ANSA shows how the south is becoming the place to visit. In particular Matera and Naples.
  9. Madonna del Piatto

    Puglia Puglia and Matera in 10 Days

    This travel note was written in 2005. We have updated it and checked all hotels and restaurants (February 2018). Puglia is a region in southern Italy, at the "heel" of the boot. Puglia is sometimes called "Apulia". We visited Puglia in the last half of January 2005. The region is very large and...
  10. Valerie

    Climbing the Family Tree In Basilicata's Hilltowns

    By Valerie from New Mexico, Spring 2003 Prelude to a Trip: My Geneaology Search My quest began a few years ago as I began exploring my family history, wondering where exactly my great-grandparents were from, when they arrived in the US, and how on earth did they end up in small-town Ohio. My...
  11. BryanS

    Who else has done the Volo dell' Angelo?

    Valerie and I have done this fantastic zip-line in Basilicata and I see Anne also ventured in 2015. Who else has been daring?
  12. BryanS

    Frecciarossa MIlano - Taranto

    Earlier this month I flew into FCO in the afternoon and took the Leonardo Express to Termini. I then took the new Freccairossa 1000 (#9541) that goes from Milano to Taranto (and back) once a day. My destination was Potenza and the nice thing is I got on the train at Termini and did not have to...
  13. Basilicata - Venosa

    Basilicata - Venosa

    Remains of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity (Abbey of the Santissima Trinità), beside the Roman ruins. Parts date back to the 8th century.
  14. Basilicata - Venosa

    Basilicata - Venosa

    Remains of the Roman city from 291BC. Mosaic floors.
  15. Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    Town center.
  16. Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    Town center.
  17. Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    Basilicata - Pietrapertosa

    End of walking trail as we came into Pietrapertosa ("Il Percorso delle Sette Pietre").
  18. Basilicata - Castelmezzano

    Basilicata - Castelmezzano

    In the valley between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, on the walking trail "Il Percorso delle Sette Pietre".
  19. Basilicata, Trivigno

    Basilicata, Trivigno

    New walkway to viewpoint. Looking back on Trivigno, the town we stayed in.
  20. Basilicata, Castelmezzano

    Basilicata, Castelmezzano

    View of town from road.