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  1. PokeyMindy

    My 50th Birthday Present to Myself, ITALY!

    By Pokey from Massachusetts, Fall 2004 Venice, Florence, Radda in Chianti, Assisi, and Rome. Oct. 3-22, 2004 This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Venice, Magic and Mosquitos Finally! After almost one year of planning, the day is here! Oct. 2nd, I head down via Amtrak...
  2. PokeyMindy

    Florence and Emilia Romagna: We Ate, We Cooked, We Drank (and Shopped)

    By Pokey from MA, Spring 2009 I return to Florence and then embark on a Food Lover's Gastronomic Tour of Emilia Romagna with my friend ColleenK. We are foodies and love to eat, drink, shop, and mostly laugh! This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Day 1, April 26th/27th. I'm so...
  3. ItalophileNJ

    Florence On My Own: Three Weeks of Studying Italian and Very Slow Travel

    By Marian from New Jersey, Spring 2004 May 5-26 2004. Three weeks in Florence, staying in an apartment in the Oltr'arno and studying Italian at the Centro Koine. This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Before I begin talking about my time in Florence, I’ll say a few words...
  4. tower.jpg


    Florence tower
  5. ponte vecchio glitter.jpg

    ponte vecchio glitter.jpg

    Florence, glitter on the Ponte Vecchio
  6. modified signage.jpg

    modified signage.jpg

    Florence, sign graffiti
  7. il rosone.jpg

    il rosone.jpg

    Florence, the Rosone
  8. firenze sign.jpg

    firenze sign.jpg

    Florence, creative street signs
  9. Firenze luci di natale.jpg

    Firenze luci di natale.jpg

    Lights of Christmas, Florence
  10. Firenze l'Arno.jpg

    Firenze l'Arno.jpg

    View over the Arno, at dusk
  11. firenze facade.jpg

    firenze facade.jpg

    Florence church facade
  12. firenze doorway.jpg

    firenze doorway.jpg

    Florence, doorway
  13. Firenze arches.jpg

    Firenze arches.jpg

    florence arches
  14. duomo e clock.jpg

    duomo e clock.jpg

    Florence, the Dome
  15. classical abs.jpg

    classical abs.jpg

    Florence sculpture and wildlife
  16. blue horse.jpg

    blue horse.jpg

  17. C

    Leonardo, Leonardo, Leonardo (Or the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful)

    Trip Description: April 2005. A Quick Trip to London and Paris, followed by Slow Travel in Italy, a week in Florence and a couple of days in Rome, with my sister and daughter. Introduction My daughter Kate had the good fortune to spend the second semester of her junior year in college in...
  18. C

    A Student in Florence

    Trip Description: Spring 2004. I spent 17 days in Florence studying Italian at the Koine school for two weeks and then soaking up the beauty and culture of this fabulous city. This trip report has been edited from my blog. Background Warning: This trip report is long as it was originally...
  19. Stef

    Italy Expat Memoir

    Hi I thought that some of you might be interested in my Italy expat memoir, Living in Italy: the Real Deal. It is about me and my husbands hilarious and horrendous adventures while moving to Italy to start a bed and breakfast. It is on sale for 1$ for a few days. Check it out if you want...
  20. KItty Martin

    Anyone addicted to Italy??

    Hi I'm Kitty, just joined this group., I'm a writer from Los Angeles and I'd like to connect with you Italy lovers to learn more about the places you've been and find out what you discovered beyond the usual tourist stuff. I'm launching a blog this month about cool things to do in Italy. I go...