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  1. M

    How do you keep track of your travel ideas?

    Hey guys - my family and I have been making plans to visit a few cities in the UK and Ireland. We've created a handful of whatsapp groups to keep track of restaurants to visit, tourist sites to see, etc, but are looking for a tool to be a bit more organized. I've looked at a few tools like...
  2. Pauline

    Miscellaneous UK and Ireland Travel Basics

    England was populated in prehistoric times and many burial tombs, stone circles and hill forts remain. The Roman conquest of Britain started in 43AD during the reign of Emperor Claudius. They built roads, towns and villas in the countryside and the remains of many have been preserved. The...
  3. N

    Ireland Southern Ireland with Mom

    By nikkihop from Texas USA, Spring 2012 This trip report was originally posted on slowtrav.com. Trip Description: Nicki and her mom tour through southern Ireland, ending in Dublin visiting castles, churches, natural wonders and even kayaking from June 10 - 21, 2012. Introductions...
  4. Pauline

    TV Series Two series set in Ireland, Normal People and Blood

    It’s all about Ireland these days! Normal People on BBC (all episodes available on iplayer) I read the book Normal People and really liked it but immediately forgot the plot, so watching the TV series made from the book is not repetitive. We’ve only watched episode 1 but I love it so far and...
  5. Tara

    Ireland County Donegal, Ireland

    During the heatwave of July 2018, we spent a week at 'Teach Mhicí' (Mikhi's Cottage) on the coast of Donegal (near Dooey Beach). Although we were hoping for atmospheric, moody and rainy Ireland to escape from the heat of a summer in Georgia, we couldn't complain too much about every day but one...
  6. artnbarb

    Revising Ireland Itinerary

    After some great ideas from @Eleanor , and some reading, I'm revising our itinerary, but I'm still not sure if I've gotten it right. Here's my revised itinerary, with my questions at the end: Days 1-4 Arrive Dublin Wed-Sat Sightseeing, Dublin...
  7. Pauline

    Article Map showing UK and Ireland TV show locations

    Here is an interesting map showing the locations of TV shows filmed in the UK and Ireland. Article about the map - CityLab - All Your Favorite British TV Shows Mapped.
  8. Pauline

    Ireland - Cork and Dingle Peninsula

    We are thinking of going to Ireland in May or June. We were last in Ireland in September 1992 when we spent a week on the west coast near Galway (my father was from this area) and a few days in Dublin. We have never been to the southern areas. I think we will visit Cork for a few days and then...