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TV Series Two series set in Ireland, Normal People and Blood


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It’s all about Ireland these days!

Normal People on BBC (all episodes available on iplayer)
I read the book Normal People and really liked it but immediately forgot the plot, so watching the TV series made from the book is not repetitive. We’ve only watched episode 1 but I love it so far and the reviews have been great.

Blood on Channel 5 in the UK (made by Virgin Media)
Series 2 is showing now but we just finished series 1. Starring Adrian Dunbar who was the Irish police chief in Line of Duty. He is a bit more creepy in Blood. A good family drama set in a small town in Ireland.

Jim Zurer

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We watched both seasons of Blood....very tricky and Adrian Dunbar is always worth watching.

We started Normal People but didn't continue past Episode 1...it's streaming on Hulu in the US. How did you like the rest of the episodes?


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I thought Blood was very good.
Adrian Dunbar is always good value.
I didn't see the point of the creepy uncle though, did you?


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