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  1. W

    5 Days in Chianti

    We, myself, wife and two kids, took a fall trip to Chianti that I would like to share here. Day 1: Arrived at Pisa airport and drove to the airbnb. The accommodation was in a quaint location on SP16 Chianti Valdarno between Greve in Chianti and Dudda. We arrived at around 4pm and were super...
  2. C

    Capri, Tuscany, Venice and Family in Caserta

    By Lorac from Hartsdale, New York, Spring 2004 Capri, Tuscany, Venice and Family in Caserta This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Introduction My husband, Ralph, and I were last in Italy in March 2001. That amazing trip included meeting Ralph’s family in Caserta, most for the...
  3. C

    Agriturismo or similar close to a village?

    Hi everyone! I used to post at SlowTrav (a long time ago now!) and I was very excited to see a lot of familiar names here! I was able to register with my old username too, so that was cool. :) My sister, my little niece and I would like to go to Italy this summer, and I would love to stay in an...
  4. PokeyMindy

    My 50th Birthday Present to Myself, ITALY!

    By Pokey from Massachusetts, Fall 2004 Venice, Florence, Radda in Chianti, Assisi, and Rome. Oct. 3-22, 2004 This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Venice, Magic and Mosquitos Finally! After almost one year of planning, the day is here! Oct. 2nd, I head down via Amtrak...
  5. PokeyMindy

    Florence and Emilia Romagna: We Ate, We Cooked, We Drank (and Shopped)

    By Pokey from MA, Spring 2009 I return to Florence and then embark on a Food Lover's Gastronomic Tour of Emilia Romagna with my friend ColleenK. We are foodies and love to eat, drink, shop, and mostly laugh! This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Day 1, April 26th/27th. I'm so...
  6. Doug Phillips

    Tuscan Rambles

    By Doug Phillips from Canada, Spring 2004 Two weeks in the hill towns of Tuscany, with a side trip to Elba and an unexpected encounter with the Giro d'Italia, May 1-15, 2004 This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Introduction and Planning My beautiful wife (BW)...
  7. JMichael

    Tuscany, Siena apartment 2 bd, 2 ba

    Agency: VRBO Apartment: Casa Siena Apartment Link: https://www.vrbo.com/170163 Stayed: September 2018 This was our third visit to Chianti and Siena. In the past, we have stayed in villas outside the city, but wanted to be inside the walls this time. We rented this apartment for five nights...
  8. Pauline

    Profile Sant'Antonio Country Resort, vacation rentals in Tuscany

    By Valerie Schneider and Pauline Kenny, January 2010 We did a series of profiles of vacation rental owners on Slow Europe. These have been moved here. For this month's profile we talked to Nico Pannevis, owner of Sant'Antonio Country Resort, an estate in the heart of Tuscany, near...
  9. Fosdinovo


    View of hill town and castle.
  10. italian excursion

    Castello di Porciano - A new look at Tuscany!

    Tastes & Textiles: Woad & Wool Woad was the indigo of Renaissance Italy (and long before). It’s fun to imagine Duke Federico relaxing in his woad-dyed jeans, but a more likely portrait is the Montefeltro’s, ruling family of Urbino in Le Marche, posing stiffly in blue silks and linens. At the...
  11. Stef

    Italy Expat Memoir

    Hi I thought that some of you might be interested in my Italy expat memoir, Living in Italy: the Real Deal. It is about me and my husbands hilarious and horrendous adventures while moving to Italy to start a bed and breakfast. It is on sale for 1$ for a few days. Check it out if you want...
  12. Mac1947

    Dream Vacation 2

    Italy 2017, the odyssey We’re down to less than five weeks before we (us playful “otters”-- wife and I) leave for Roma. Now, if anyone will be in the same areas we will be on during our odyssey we’ll try for a GTG (get together). The past two months have been a blur with “where do we really...
  13. Tre nonnas, Montepulciano, Italy

    Tre nonnas, Montepulciano, Italy

    Evening in the piazza, Montepulciano, after all the tourists have left for the day.
  14. italian excursion

    Exploring artisan traditions in Tuscany, Umbria & Le Marche

    Having just returned from a research trip to Italy I am still processing all the wonderful people and places I encountered. Of course, because this trip was meant as a test case for the future, it was not what I would call "slow travel". We stayed in five different agritourismos and ate out...
  15. Ann R

    Tuscany Best Day in Chianti Classico Region

    Days in Florence are full and rich in art and history, but in this city of stone it is difficult to find the soothing color of green provided by plants and trees. After a week in Florence you may wish to rent a car and take off for the Chianti Classico Region. Only minutes out of the historic...
  16. Marcella

    Hello from Toronto

    I divide my time between Toronto, Tuscany and California, attempting to live my invented life as a writer, blogger, artist and culturally curious person. When I visited Tuscany for the first time in 2004, I knew that I had found my spiritual home. I created Pronto Marcella to share my Italian...
  17. Doru

    Doru's Italian Notebook - Summer 2002 (Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, Milan)

    By Doru from Toronto, Canada, Summer 2002. Doru & Josette on a three week adventure in the Italian Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, and Milan. Preface and Departure Sometime in December 2001, with the spring 2002 trip to Spain all planned out and committed, I became antsy again. It was a funny kind of...
  18. Doru

    Doru's Italian Notebook - Sept 2003 (Venice, Veneto, Tuscany, Florence)

    By Doru from Toronto, Canada, Fall 2003. Venice, then up the River Po from Venice to Cremona (...or so we thought...), with day excursions to Murano and Burano, Padova, Ferrara, Mantova, Parma and Cremona, then on to Castellina in Chianti and parts of the Chiantigiana, ending in Florence. Fair...